Dev Diary 010: A Damnably Simple SHMUP

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I apologize for posting another dev diary so soon, but I'm pretty excited about my first playable Unity game and just had to share. It's just a very simple shoot'em up, though my plans to keep it simple were foiled when I ran across the Explosion Framework. I was nervous about trying to use Detonator, but again I'm floored by how easy this was...Installed this with a click, dragged it onto the variable I set up in my script, and viola! Awesome ass explosions. It even came with its own sound effects! To get the laser sound effect, I used this fun little generator, which lets you create 80s stye arcade effects just by clicking some buttons.

I followed the 3D Buzz videos pretty closely here, and didn't bother creating splash screens or menus (though I couldn't resist adding a score). I want to have a decent game before I start messing with that.

The next big step will be creating some models in Blender and figuring out how to import them, replacing the blocks and spheres with 3D models. I'd like to experiment with making your ship rotate a bit left and right as you move, and I'd also like to have a variety of enemies.

The eventual plan is set up the Match 3 stuff. Here's how I envision this working:

Across the top of the screen will be phalanxes of aliens as in Space Invaders. I haven't decided yet if I want them to look like aliens or just cubes. The reason why I'm undecided on this question is the gameplay I have in mind.

Instead of just blowing up aliens when you hit them, you will change their color. If they are blocks, they will just turn, revealing a face of one of four colors (red, green, blue, or yellow). The only way to destroy an alien is to match up the colors with at least two others connected to him, either horizontally or vertically (I'm not sure about diagonal yet; have to see how that plays). Meanwhile, as in Space Invaders, the aliens will be steadily moving horizontally and dropping vertically, eventually touching the player and killing him. I plan to do the usual match 3 stuff, such as giving you a bonus if you destroy more than 3 enemies simultaneously, and perhaps some powerups of various sorts.

It's probably beyond my skills at this point, but I also thought it'd be awesome to have a multiplayer version. I imagine that could get pretty frantic if the communication was bad and the other player kept messing up the shots. :)

Anyway, feel free to play my "sample for the day."

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Matt Barton
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I'll be damned, I think I

I'll be damned, I think I finally got it. Code is spaghetti, but I've been playing it for several rounds now and it seems to work...Keeping fingers crossed.

BTW, I will definitely add a start button to the next one. Very annoying how this one starts up every time you load the page.


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