Winter Walk February 4th 2012 (with Abort Mission Soundtrack)

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Mark Vergeer
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Ice cold riverside winter walk in -18 Celsius temperatures. Quite enjoyable actually. Rather beautiful. Enjoy!

This version of the video had the soundtrack removed due to some shitty DRM company recognizing samples in an ancient Amiga Mod Tune. So I replaced this one with a YT track called 'To Abort Mission'

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people who dont like snow

people who dont like snow dont know what they are missing.. we had the exact same thing this weekend.. teh Fog/frost so evrything is like its covered in white fur.. and the fog in the air... simple fantastic to look at... Unfortantly we only get that cool look a couple times a year if that. but you have a bonus the countrside looks awsome.. all flat here...

Bill Loguidice
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Only robots can parse all that video

With 48 hours of new videos uploaded EVERY MINUTE, sadly I think the only realistic alternative is machine automation. Hopefully it will improve over time.

Matt Barton
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Those YT bots are out of

Those YT bots are out of control. I REALLY wish there was a law that required a human to listen to the video before taking it down for infringement. I've had so many issues even when the music or clip in question is PUBLIC DOMAIN! I guess they don't give a damn as long as they get some kid's tribute to Brittany Spears taken down. Sad.


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