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I saw matt say something about RPGcodex and felt like i would put my 2cents in. The behind the scene talk is Matts favorite game caused and implosion over there. Skyrims massive player base, many who are not RPG addicts have overun the forums.. and much like WoW has shown.. getting the "rest" of the human population to play games they traditonaly dont can resualt in some bad apples. Not syaing all plain old RPG people are the best lot.. plenty of human garbage is included with that bunch, but with the mass amount of people who do not play RPG's joining the ranks (and forums) asking Skyrim ( and other questions) the amount of BAD APPLES who found they could push a whole new set of buttons was overwhelming. From my understanding it was just to much to deal with.. real or imagined. It seems the success has kinda "hurt"? the RPG sensablities of the sites owner and they are doing the "its my ball, if i cant play the way I want i will go home". From some of the posts there I can agree with him(or her?)... But stuff like this has hsppned before.. I would guess when it all blows over it will be back in some form or another.. AND ONE LAST dislaimer.. hearsay, and what is really happening are seldom the same.. all my cooments are 100% on hearsay.

And Digital- My personal crusade of love and hate.. be it games or videos (let me make it clear Im 100% for it if done right!).. I see the gamestop buying of D2D has shown the first real negatives of online digital purchases. Original D2D people have been told "most of the games" will be avialible to redownload for people who purchased them ( note! "MOST").. how this really plays out will be seen. BUT.. anybody who downloaded any manuals or stratgy guides will be left out in the cold. DOwnload now or forever lose it.
Here is my problem, NO service will be around forever, I get that, Understand it and accept it. But this service is still going ... yes, it was bought, and morphed into something new.. but its still there.. yet they have shrugged and said sorry in just a few years.. NOT GOOD! They shouldhave grandfathered something in. part of digitals appeal is never looking for a manual or disc.. in fact its really the ONLY appeal.. and now.. that is gone too.. I now have to save my manuals/stategy guides no more "know its there when I need it".. For this reason alone I wont support GAMESTOP.. and I have bought manny HArd copies from them.. but this will not do. Im goign to be a 2 service guy soon.. Steam and GOG.. If steam was more Like GOG i would be in heaven.

rant off

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Oh i may have missed the

Oh i may have missed the reboot thing (opps) but i see alot of the regualrs saying they where feed up with the influx of Skyrim people and the attitudes of the NEW posters and felt a short shutdown might weed some out.. does lend into the reboot idea well then...

Im not complaining about lossing my digital stuff (well i am) but more about the time frame. You do point out something, not all these guys are going to survive and we WILL be left with nothing on some. I am just sorta annoyed at the quickness of a major player not 'fighting the good fight" and keeping the people who supported them in good graces. I will admit the "some" on games.. may well just be 99% if them (less or more, who knows there is no info on exacts yet) but all the manuals and guides is a done deal.. And the guides.. i really dont care.. but again I point to why I DO LIKE digital.. no searching for manuals or media when i get the urge. Its really appealing with olld games as with high speed i can be playing in minutes. If this service was defuct 100%, not bought out I might let it slide more. But D2D while not STEAM, was considerd succesful, it was simply GAMESTOP throwing money at them for the nedxt best "steam" option and them taking it. Nothing wrong with that.. but while i KNOW all agreements are" when we close, we close" this isnt a CLOSE in the strictest sence of the word.. its a CHANGE of ownership. And they sorta craped on the users. I know its not so black and white. Im sure the printed guides and manuals have specific agreements that (and as this points out) are 100% differnt then the media.. and some cant be kept. But this just seems like a "shrug" and let it go move.. not some of , but all of it is gone (guides).. and some games will be too.

I know i dont feel like i should have to pay $5 for every game every few years.. maybe every 10+ years.. but not if the service is still around. I have purchased many games 2 and 3 times now.. Command & Conquor.. bought it day it came out, bought it ont eh C&C collection, bought it in the WESTWOOD collection and .. yes even on STEAM now (not all of them) and .. i have 2 copies of the C&C collection cuz i couldnt find the dang box for serial numbers once.. and it was only $15.. so I have paid for some specific games many times over (like your pac man). but .. I have been with steam since day one.. I must admit if it was gone in the next 5 years I would be kinda miffed. but they have publicly stated thay have agreements (again) with MOST of the game owners that we will be able to download them for a long time (but, again, what is a long time?)

its just to short a time to be giving hte users the shaft when the company didnt fail, but was bought out is my take on it. it may not be as bad as It sounds.. but it seems cheap to do so quick.

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RPG Codex Stunt and Digital Downloads

I said my piece on the RPG Codex thing, that it's a clever spoof on the GoG blow-up and a nice way to do a site reboot. Now that someone has done the inevitable spoof, it's now off the table for anyone else to try it again.

Anyway, as for the digital downloads thing, I agree, it's a slippery slope. It seems no matter what modern platform you have, be it from Apple, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Google, etc. - you name it - we all "own" tons of content digitally. There's no real way to avoid it, period. The risk is one of these providers/services going away, which will become more common as competition grows exponentially. With that said, is this REALLY such a bad - or unusual - thing, particularly if we pay a lower price for our digital goods and they give us at least several years of "service"? One might argue that, well, when I bought a cartridge, I OWNED the cartridge and STILL own the cartridge, even though it's 20 years later. True, but let's say that cartridge is something like Pac-Man. How many times have you bought and re-bought Pac-Man? In my case, it's probably - and literally - about two dozen different times, and I'll probably happily do it another half dozen times in the future when it's inevitably released on the next platform. So, really, what did my ownership of a physical medium with Pac-Man REALLY get me? I realize that's all an oversimplification and there will be plenty of content that will be gone forever, but I think we need to acknowledge how we consume content. After all, our playing platforms are swapped out every few years, so maybe we need to think of our "owned" content as being swapped out every few years as well if need be...


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