Matt Chat 129: A Chat with Graphics Guru Mark Soderwall

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This week begins my interview series with Mark Soderwall, an awesome guy with 20+ years in the industry. His resume is huge, with jobs at Mindcraft, Atari, and LucasArts. He's worked on games NBA Live, the Terminator games, Demon Stone, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, just to name a few. Now he's devoted himself to training the next generation and inspiring indie developers with his Game Creators Vault. Enjoy!

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Loggins (not verified)

Wonderful interview. Interesting topics from a pretty clever developer. Hes got his head on the right place.

BTW - Hes gotta be of swedish ancestry with that name - he even looks swedish. I wonder if he knows, but this is a traditional swedish name and many americans are from a scandinavian ancestry. "Söderwall" is how its written in swedish if he wants to know. Maybe he could search and find some family ties - its fun to work out your family tree.

Im not swedish btw - im norwegian - but its all scandinavia and we know eachothers cultures and language.


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