Thrust Lifter Registration Information

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Dear Indie Gamer:

So you're thinking about buying your own registered copy of my game Thrust Lifter?

Thanks! You're not just buying a game--you're supporting the indie movement! Unlike games from big companies, indie games depend 100% on your personal support. I spent countless hours developing this game, creating almost all the graphics, music, and code by hand. If you don't buy a registered copy, I get absolutely nothing for all that effort.

If you think that's what I deserve--that I haven't done a good job on Thrust Lifter--fine; I apologize for wasting your time. I am very sorry. You owe me nothing.

But if you enjoy playing Thrust Lifter and want to show your appreciation for all my hard work, use the PayPal button above to buy a registration code. The best part is you select the amount! That's right; unlike 99% of games on the market, you personally get to choose how much you want to pay for this game. Two bucks or twenty; it's completely up to you.

After you've completed the transaction, check your email. You should then be sent a file with your registration information. If for some reason you do not receive the file, please email me at

Thanks again for your kindness and support,

Matt Barton

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