Apple II Game Server Online!

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Thanks to for the heads-up that Apple Game Server Online! is now, well, online. For those who still rock original Apple II computer series systems or compatibles, this means you can now use your iPhone 4, iPad 2, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more to load games onto your classic system via its standard cassette input jack. While there are a variety of flash- and cable-based solutions for doing a similar thing - and of course original software itself - this is a particularly intriguing, convenient, and zero cost option. Over 100 games are presently available.


Bill Loguidice
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Even better, now there's an

Even better, now there's an Apple II DISK Server online!:

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I wrote a version of Monopoly

I wrote a version of Monopoly for the Apple II as a school project back in 1983 (I was 16). Written in glorious Apple BASIC. It had all the game's features and while I think it's a crying shame that the code is lost forever it's probably just as well......

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