Matt Chat 126: Jay Barnson on Dealing with Criticism

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Hi, guys! I'm back this week with part 3 of my interview with Jay Barnson. This is probably my favorite segment, with some really heartfelt discussion about dealing with criticism and struggling on despite a lack of financial resources. There's also plenty of sight gags, including a special Skyrim book, a blistering "major site" review of Frayed Knights, and much more!

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Download the video here: mattchat126.mp4.
Download the audio here: mattchat126.mp3.
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Rowdy Rob
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Joined: 09/04/2006
Final Jay Barnson episode?

Just curious, on the Youtube page it says "3rd and final part," but in the video you state that there's one more part coming.

There's much to like in this episode, and I must say the production values are still top-notch.

You can't help but root for Mr. Barnson and hope the game is a success for him. Sometimes I wish these Matt Chats were live call-in shows, because numerous questions on the topic at hand would pop into my mind.

By the way, Matt, how does a guy like me, who doesn't do Facebook, Twitter, or anything resembling social media help spread the word? The only place I post messages is here on AA. I want to help, but don't want to start spamming other sites. Maybe donations are all I can offer... :-(

Matt Barton
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Thanks, Rob. I made a mistake

Thanks, Rob. I made a mistake on the show notes; should be third part, not third and final. What was I thinking?

No worries about the publicity, Rob! You already do so much it'd be an outrage to ask for more. That said, if you do encounter folks here and there that have an interest in such things, you can always bring up your favorite site and youtube producer. ;)


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