Matt Plays Might & Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

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Hail, fellow adventurers! I'm back this week with one of my favorite 90s CRPGs, Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It's held up might well over the centuries (well, in game time!), and is still extremely fun to play today. Heck, I was so engrossed in it I had a hard time pulling away to do the video!

As always, you can download the video here, but don't forget to toss a few coins into the bard's hat. You can also buy the "Might & Magic 6-pack" from GOG for only $10, but please use my affiliate link. Thanks!


Rand (not verified)
Interesting timing, I've been

Interesting timing, I've been playing it for the last few weeks. Holds up surprisingly well, it's still a very enjoyable game today.
Quite a bit of depth and things to do, lots of areas to find. It gives a phenomenal sense of character progression and development too. At least in that area it's far better then the vast majority of modern games.

The visuals can get rather ugly outdoors at times, and the fundamental combat mechanics aren't particularly specil anymore but it works well enough and the interface is solid.

I still have the original retail box. Miss the days when games came with nicely made large cloth maps.

Matt Barton
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6 was really special in that

6 was really special in that regard--lovely box with great art, a cloth map, nice manuals, the whole ball of wax. They got cheap as they went along.

The engine and such aren't what make the game great IMO. It's really the world and level design. It's a great place that just begs to be fully explored, and the music adds so much. There's only a few games to my mind that really pull that off--this, Dungeon Master, and Pool of Radiance all do it well. As much as I love Azeroth (World of Warcraft), it still manages to feel more like a game board than a game world. It's not like you're finding secret entrances or quest givers and such. I guess they really couldn't do that in an online world, since it'd be too easy for people to find them and publish them online somewhere, and pretty soon even your deepest secrets would be common knowledge.

Adventure games tend to be better good at it, too--say what you want about Myst and Riven, they are great for exploration.

Right now I'm enjoying the AMAZING amount of side content in Batman Arkham City. So many secrets and side quests in that you're practically stumbling into them. Indeed, I'm even getting a little annoyed at all the distractions from the main quest.

Nathaniel Tolbert
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This was the first Might and

This was the first Might and Magic game that I ever played. To this day it is still one of my favorites due to the long story, the fun twists and turns the the various people you can play as. Definitely worth picking up if people haven't already.

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MM6 was the game i finally

MM6 was the game i finally settled on when i did my "back to the past " session.. One thing I found amazing is comparein it to todays games.. its LONG. I finished it on about a month of playing some most nights. I must say that was my thouhgts too.. it holds up pretty well.. sure the gaphics are horrible up close.. but the game play is solid, the interface is old, but never annoyed me much like alot of old games do. I plan on doing the next ones.. even the ones people say are horrible.. I never knew there was a 9.. bought it on Ebay!...

Rowdy Rob
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Great episode as usual!

Quite a few laughs in this one. :-) Again, it made me want to play the game. Noooooo!!!! Not now! Must resist!

I've never played any of the Might and Magic games, but I seem to recall having purchased them from GoG. I just logged into my GoG account, and sure enough, I purchased the "Might and Magic Six-Pack" (games 1 through 6) almost TWO YEARS AGO! (December 2009!) I also have Might and Magic 7 and 8, as well as "Heroes of M&M 3"!!! And I've never played any of them! How stupid is that?

M&M 6 actually doesn't look as primitive as I was expecting. The graphics look more than acceptable to me. A bit boxy looking, but it looked smooth, with a good sense of movement and perspective, and the walking NPC's and monsters ("mobs???") looked about right. The interface looks quite a bit more user-friendly than I was expecting. I guess I was expecting something a bit more hardcore-looking and obscure (i.e. Dwarf Fortress), but this game looks easy enough to handle. Overall, it looks more "modern" than many of the CRPG's you've done episodes for lately.

I'm not sure how I feel about the "real" faces. They seem to look a bit out-of-place to me, and they make some very goofy faces as your game went on. It makes the game look "light" and comedic. Maybe that's the vibe they were going for, I don't know, but dare I say it, it almost felt like anime!

Your Paladin character kind of looks like you, Matt. And the fourth character kind of looks like me, except I don't have a goatee. :-)

Dangit, I'm probably going to have to install this one tonight. :-(

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Rob i highly suggest 3 first

Rob i highly suggest 3 first if you have not played any.. 1 and 2 are very BardsTale like.. static..and pretty hardcore old school, but 3 is very colorfull, has voice, plasys almost exactly like 6 (without the relaistic looking graphics) and is personally one of my all time favorites. 3 and 4 also make a bonus game when both installed.. so 2 games make 3. Dont get me wrong 6 is quite possilby a stronger game.. but World of xeen is quite fun. I have played Xeen all the way through at least 4 times.. i like it tht much.. and I played 6 2X (just recently about 2 months ago was my 2nd time).

of course any is a good pick.. but knowing what i do I would say 3 is where I would start.. (its also got auto maping in a crude state which is a must for me). but be it 3 or 6 you will have fun i think.

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Matt, What the hell are "erbs" ? :)

Great stuff....

Sascha (not verified)
I've bought the M&M six pack

I've bought the M&M six pack on GOG, have yet to really dive into MM6. What a gorgeous oldschool RPG!

quantum (not verified)

Nothing brings back the old days like a good, old-fashioned dungeon rat. I miss the days when rats were mandatory as first opponents in every RPG.

Rowdy Rob
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Why rats?
quantum wrote:

Nothing brings back the old days like a good, old-fashioned dungeon rat. I miss the days when rats were mandatory as first opponents in every RPG.

What is it about rats, anyway? In real life, no one I've known has ever told me they've been attacked by rats.

One of my friend's ex-girlfriends was an animal lover who had two old dogs, ten (or more) hedgehogs, a parrot, two guinea pigs, and at least EIGHT RATS as pets! The dogs were old, diseased, and sickly. The parrot hated me, and tried to attack me whenever it was let out of its cage (that thing was SCARY!). The guinea pigs really didn't do anything but sit in their cages. And it turns out that (to me) hedgehogs are the nastiest little pets I can imagine! Yech!

I thought she was weird for having rats as pets, but it turns out that her rats were actually the LEAST offensive of her pets, to me. Being domesticated, they were clean, friendly, smart, and actually a bit of fun to handle. Hardly the menace portrayed in CRPG's!!! Still weird as pets, though. :-(

In real life, wild rats tend to hide and run away! It would make more sense (to me) to have wild dogs or cats as the standard CRPG menaces, since they are well-known to attack people!

I'm quite enjoying Might and Magic 6, by the way. I'm still having trouble figuring out the interface, though.

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