Matt Chat 122: Josh Mandel's Insider Scoop on the Failure of the Dreamcast

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I know a lot of you guys are big fans of the Dreamcast, so prepare to be traumatized by this episode. Josh acknowledges that there might be plenty of other reasons for the short production cycle of one of the best consoles ever, but his description of the inexplicable attitude of Sony of Japan's attitude towards their American branch is pretty damn revealing, if not downright disgusting.

You can also download the video here, but don't forget to tip the bard first. A few bucks and a few minutes of your time is all I ask for all my work.


Bill Loguidice
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Show us what you can really do...

I love that he said something that's been near and dear to many of our hearts, that he wishes these incredibly talented hobbyist developers would stop re-doing games that have already been done and put their efforts towards something original (to paraphrase)...

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Second the comment about

Second the comment about indies doing original work. By all means cut your teeth on something you know well to learn a new technology or platform but its always nice to see original ideas.

Shocking to hear how Sega behaved - clearly an organisation that was lost.

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