A week in Eindhoven

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...Well almost a week. Was in Eindhoven for work. I'm a member of a network of European cities called Smart Cities which is focussed on joint learning and partner matching for EU funded projects.

Saw the original Philips factory - pity it was closed but it will be opening as a museum soon I'm told.

Highlight for me was dinner in the Evoluon building. This used to be science museum that was quite famous in Europe. In the 1970s the BBC used to broadcast test colour films to test the new colour tranmission network - they used a number of short films and showed them at set times of the day over and over. At that age these programmes had a big impact on me - in particular one that showed the Evoluon building in its heyday. Its a conference centre now and I was present there for a celebration of Eindhoven winning the global smart community award.

Was great to actually get into this beautiful building..

youtube video of the BBC test transmission:


Mark Vergeer
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We could have met up

My in-laws live in Eindhoven, I go there all the time. We could have met up LOL
My father in-law used to be an engineer at Philips, he worked with video. Video tape mechanisms and video recorders and later on at the end of his career with solid state video solutions often used in video booths that were used in museums.

He actually knows the guys who worked on CDi and quite a few other people working on various more well known Philips products. Of course we 'inherited' quite a few funky Philips equipment like state of the art DCC tapedecks, a production test model (hand built - amazing quality) DVD player with a beta of the 'OS' that allows you to actually play DVDs. He has a ton of Philips stories to tell.

Glad you enjoyed the city!

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It had occurred that a

It had occurred that a meeting was possible but I had very little time as is the usual with this sort of thing. You never know what could be possible in the future.

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