Funny video about making games today.

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Paul H
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This video takes lots of jabs at things going on in FPS games today, such as lack of difficulty and excessive hint systems. The funniest thing for me was the series of company logos at the beginning. It strikes on a common theme I've heard in the podcasts and Matt Chat's here: games today are made by committee and not by a few talented individuals working closely together.

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just watched this and was

just watched this and was going to post it.. dang ya beat me too it.. I must admit it hits home far to well.. especilly how simplified console games have become. I know nobody who plays um will see it that way but its true (simple comparasion HALO on PC or teh xbox.... this may be the most easy to see one.. I was stumped how Halo was even fun it was so easy (on the PC) compared to other FPS at the time.

I love the end IN LAVA!!!!!!

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