Josho Part III: Sierra's Epic Fail

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Hi, guys! I'm back with part three of my interview with the amazing Josh Mandel. In this segment (which is frankly required viewing for any true fan of classic computer games), Josh talks about how thinks went awry at Sierra, eventually sending him on a quest to find a new publisher in Legend. He also chats about his favorite creation, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, and the future of adventure games as a viable genre.

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One thing that strikes me

One thing that strikes me funny ( not in a har har way ) is how much Video games (when talking about old companies ) sound like VH1 behind the music.. YOu listen to the rise, the great game (song) and then the "we lost it all" statement. its like great success breeds stupidity. Of course its easy to say that when its after the fact. and I cant count the times I have had a bunch of cash laying around and should save it, yet I spend like there is no tomorrow.. so I cant say to much in the "why didnt they see it". it was a new field.. but as i compare rock to game.. they can compare to almost any other succefull product. People see $$$ and its all over.. almost all the time. YOu cant fault them, I can almost hear the sales pitchs now (as i ahve had my company bought 4 times in teh last 12 years).. More resources, more marketing, big company backing, (AND THE KEY ONE) you will still be the asme company , run things the same way, its ALL UPSIDE for you!... and for a year it is.. then it all changes due ot accounting, ease of intergration, company policy changes etc..

fun to hear.. and I (sadly) cant remember the game at all (saloon) of course I never was much a fan of point and click.. (thats just me).

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Another great ep Matt. Josh

Another great ep Matt. Josh must be a great guy to talk to.

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if anything is created from

if anything is created from inspiration then there can be a lack of process - which is exposed on subsequent attempts at creating anything. The creative people who stay around for a long time have a framework around which they work - no matter how loose - which keeps things focussed. It is easy to see how things implode after one or two games/albums/books.

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