scarry GAMES!

So its almost trick or treat time, your local cable TV is showing marthons of scarry movies, are you playing any scarry games? I must admit I dont find games very scarry, but a few have made me jump. Here are a few in no order, wany you would add? or even disagree with?

Minecraft- I know, lego's cant be scarry, but i say to you, play on HARD Adventure mode, leave your safe little well lit house at night.. see if you are not looking every direction, jumping at every sound. Wlak out of your house at daylight and have a spider drop on your head. be chopping a tree down in a forest and hear the hiss of a creeper.. I know I jump!

Alien vs Preadator-the original jag game or the first PC game. This game uses a slow pace, tight areas, enemies that blend in, wall walk, drop in behind you (with out secret doors , im looking at you DOOM3) to great effect. lack of sound but a motion trackers steady blip.. and the wierd rush when something is on it.. the frantic spin to locate it. The slow turning in AvP on the jag as the Human player was brilliant programming, it added that extra "must be prepared' thing to the game.

Deadspace- this game uses the AvP formula to a T.. the delibrate noises, the lack of enemies when you are sure some should be there.. Like a good horror movie, they keep you expecting attack wne when you finally relax a bit, wham! you are jumped.

Condemend- When i played the first level of this game on my brand new 360.. i was so tense I could have heard a feather drop in the next room. The crackden no weapon no way out fleeting glances of people thing worked so well. I was edge of my seat jumpy for the first part. To bad once oyu get some equipment it goes away.. but those first minutes it was perfect.

FEAR- while its not near as good as tose above it.. it did have some IN YOUR face jump moments. you could add BIO SHOCK in this one.. about the same level of scare.. not really much, but enouhg to mention it. the Creepy ruined underwater city was a cool setting.

Demons Souls- while not really scarry, the ghosts of other players, the creepy undeadworld limbo thing.. its got a creapy vibe.

Dungeon Keep- i an remeber turning the lights down, cranking he sound and being jumpy at the sound of a monster behind me.

I can think of more, but those are some of the greatest. I know some standard picks are not there, more and opinion then than anything. Res Evil games.. I was so excited whent he first one came out, i got it home and dont htink i have been so frustrated with a game ever. the enemiew where unbeliebly hard (to me) and the saves where frutrating. I sold the game less then a week later and never played another until it came out on the Wii (4?) which I loved. One bad game experiance kept me away.


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I generally avoid scary games

I generally avoid scary games and serious horror movies...just too imaginative for my own good, I guess.

I did suffer through Doom 3, which scared me quite a bit. I also found Alien for the C-64 quite frightening, as abstract as it was. Even the spooky zombie town in Half-Life 2 had me quaking in my boots.

I have Deadspace 1 but haven't gotten up enough nerve to play it much.

I'd rather play a game to be cheered up rather than scared out of my wits. :)


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