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I just read a review on the BEST multiplayer gaming experinces. I was a bit dispointed in it for a few reasons. it seems to be very biased on the latest games, which I guess is not an issue after all it wasnt titled "of all time". maybe they are just using current games.. but the choices makes me wonder. i wont go through them all, but TF2 was in the list (agree), BF2 also (disagree).. and #1 was mario cart.. (highly disagree). Now I know this gets down to OPINIONS.. so I would never agree with them all so thats ok. While im a bit sick of the BF/COD/MW repeats.. BF2 would not be the one I chose.. i still think the original BF42 was the best of that bunch. TF2.. no problem with this, to this day i login and play a match it the frito lays chips problem, cant just play one.. I stay on for hours. mario cart.. I know this one is opinion, I like racing games and would much rather play GT or Forza, or NASCAR (personal redneck favorite of mine). I never got into the kiddy racing stuff, but I do understand hte appeal so I can let it go..even at #1 but then if that old game is on the list.. I would look back and pick alot of different ones..

Doom- after all it was really the grandaddy.. maybe not on the list as it was never as big as the other.. simply multiplayer before it was huge.
Quake- personally I would say QUAKE2 with RUINS and grapple was the first "perfect" multiplayer game, i might put it close to #1.. its old but it was soild gameplay and HUGE when it was king.

Tribes-Have to be on the list someplace. This is the game that could honelty be credited with being the insperation for all to follow. it made the class system, loadouts, moveable resupply, capture points, moveable spawns, sliding (which was a glitch that others felt was so cool it was left) etc..

L4D- Now i can see this one not being on the list.. most Mulitplayer people dont like the "team is required" asspect of the game.. but if there is a better playing "TEAM" game out there I havent seen it.. play L4D on the hardest setting and see how far you get without playing as a team..

As i read the story 2 things stood out.. When talking about "greatest", "best", etc.. should somebody who has only played games the last 10 years be able to decide this? it felt like this person reviewing has never heard of anything before 10 year ago.. that surely doesnt make them unqualified to RATE and Judge things.. but when you are makeing any BEST list.. shouldnt you have sampled all products.. not just the current ones? it owuld be like the "best movies" and ahving sombody who never seen a move before 1980 rate them.. Gone with the Wind would nto be on the list.. (and i wouldnt mind).. but I know BEST and what I think are BEST are not the same.
Maybe he had played all games and still chose the way he did.. I cant see it that way as at least one of the old greats would ahve been mentioned in passing at least.. CS does get some nods in TF2 area.. but as its still played its not exactly old in the new players eyes.. its still around.

And i noticed a couple jabs at some games. which in itself is no wierd thing, some games need it.. but in BF2 he mentions MAG as sucking.. im trying to see the relation here, both are online multiplayer shooters.. but there are quite honestly 100's that are worse. why MAG? then a Jab at Drakes Fortune.. not really known as multiplayer game .. and part of his point was that (single player game where they put it in as its 'required" nowdays).. but .. there are hundreds of games to pick on. why those two. maybe my SONY-RADAR is going off.. my fanboy is kicking in.. quite possible.. i can fogive those.. just seemed a poor wrote artical.. on a game style that covers YEARs.. but seems limited to the most recent games.

Maybe , just maybe I dont like it as my choices are not on it.. could happen :)

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I hate um and I love um is

I hate um and I love um is the the real problem. I have started topics on it here ( and elsewhere ) . And when ever I see one I click the link, read it, and grumbel about it here (sorry guys) and say the same old things. I do agree with the controvesy part. Pick a game that is hot and point out he bad parts and put up a big headline about it is sure to draw some hits.

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All these lists is good for

All these lists is good for is stirring up controversy, bringing the fanboys out of the woodwork, and getting LOTS of hits for the website. I've demonstrated that conclusively here. Indeed, the more controversial or wacky the list, the better it is for the website (at least in terms of publicity). If you go with "safe" picks, people will nod, but no one really pays attention to it or care to discuss it.

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I think i just have a problem

I think i just have a problem with "best Lists" as playing a game like DUNE II when it came out and playing it for the first time today would change your view. When DUNE II came out it was new, fresh and spawned a game type that is still going today. Yet after playing all the differnt ones since and the latest ones today, DUNE II is pretty crusty, poor controls, dated looking, even I know that. Or a game like civilisation.. many improvements have been added as this game series has aged.. is the first one or the last one the BEST? One defined the game style, the others refined it. I think the originals should have some HUGE advantage when discussing best as without them the others woule never have showed up quit possilby. But there in lies the problem. I use DUNE II as its quite possibly my favorite game or one of the top 5 of all time. The remake DUNE 2000 is just dune, same units, some tweeking in a much improved interface. its easly the best playing DUNE game (imho).. its the original with all the good things interface and graphics wise fixed. I prefer it the most. But DUNE II the original was "THE GAME" that made it all possible. its a slippery slope and cn be seen many ways.

I guess as and old gamer I just cant see somebody judging the past without being a part of the actual experiance at the time being "fair". You look at most populour sites that do something like "Best 50 movies" the standards will be there.. but some new movie will make it. Say AVATAR (i dont think it iwll ever be on any best ever lists :) ) yet a year later that "great move" that year will be forgot and a new movie from that year will be replacing it.. yet those old standards will hang in there. I think the same is done on games. BF3 is getting more Love then a puppy in a gradeschool. Its already topped some "best game this year" list and its not out (or is it now?). I havent heard anything bad about it, and Im sure it will be a good game.. But in another year we will hear the same thing about BF4.. so.. is it worth getting all worked up about? will it stand the test of time? I dont think any current thing should be allowed on "best ever" lists.. it hasnt had any time to earn that.

I know I get to worked up about it.. I disagree with many picks on these lists (but have no problem with that) but when i see only games from the last 10 years i cant help but wonder if this person has never played MULE, doesnt know how graphicly cool the LAST NINJA was on the C-64, how amazing WINGS (or TV Sports Football) was on the Amiga, how Wing Commander and Ultima Underworld changed gameing..

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It's easy to tell there's a

It's easy to tell there's a lot of bias going on in certain publications when it comes to their "best of" lists. I recall around 1999 or so I had a subscription to both PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World. In the same year both did "best PC games of all time" lists. I believe one magazine chose Civilization and the other chose Half-Life. The average age of the games in the magazine that listed Half-Life was at least 10 years less than the Civ magazine. The most important part of lists like these is when they describe why they think certain games are better than others in the genre; and I agree that it's very arbitrary to compare Battlefield 2 to a game like MAG that I know nothing about. A better comparison would have been Counterstrike or Quake 2 - both extremely popular titles.

In terms of my top 10 multiplayer games in no particular order:

Bomberman: My friends and I played countless hours on the SNES. The strategy isn't very deep, but it's as deep as it needs to be with so much action to keep track of at any moment. Losses rarely feel cheesy and are always attributable to losing track of bombs or not finding a safe spot in time so it's difficult to get frustrated when losing. The social aspects of this game a great too because players are constantly making alliances with each other to take down the top-ranked player first so they don't get enough points for the win.

WoW: During the time of the Burning Crusade expansion my friends and I played through 1-60 each using a rouge, and we were able to complete every 5 man instance. We all sat together at the same table in the same room. It was frantic, exhilarating and downright satisfying. We tried doing similar things over voice chat but it just didn't have the same feel. When played with strangers WoW has never felt as good - not that I haven't had fun, but it's nowhere near the same experience.

Team Fortress Classic: My favorite FPS. It's very fast but the distances that need to be covered are large (my big gripe with TF2 is that everything is very claustrophobic). Death doesn't happen as quickly as in a game like Counter Strike or Battlefield so there are less breaks in the action. There are also a variety of ways to harass the other team without just senselessly racking up kills - a play style that I take lots of joy in.

Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara: The big quarter-sucker of my childhood was probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but after rediscovering D&D in my early twenties and finally realizing the depth of play available it's become my favorite. Sitting down four players at the two-screen cabinet and playing in a coordinated style is incredibly satisfying. The level system, weapon choices and path choices put this head and shoulders above the average game in the genre because it adds a sense of discovery and tactics that other games lack.

Capcom Vs SNK 2: I'm a big fan of fighting games and this is my favorite one because of the big roster of characters that I have grown to know over the years. The Marvel Vs. Capcom series of games have also been extremely fun but they are just too darn fast for me to follow.


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