Commodore Free Magazine Issue 54 Online

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Commodore Free Magazine Issue 54 has recently gone live in all of its glorious formats; those being Adobe PDF, Commodore SEQ, Text, D64 Image, HTML, eBook (MOBI and EPUB) and Rich Text Format (RTF)... so there's no excuse not to read it.

All kidding aside, this is a fanzine of extraordinary quality and really deserves to be on your "to read" list if you are any kind of self-respecting Commodork.

This issue contains:

· 8 Bit Jungle music disk for Amiga released.
· Dave Haynie Interview - Insights On Future Technology.
· SCACOM News from Stefan.
· Chang's Adventure [Enhanced].
· Diamond Hunt for the unexpanded Vic-20.
· Club Info 123 Released.
· Commodore File browser.
· New Project: Commodore 2Mhz Accelerator.
· Amiga SD Card Adapter.
· New articles on Obligement.
· Mail Order Monsters.
· AmigaOne X1000 booting AmigaOS4.1 Update 3.
· Regenerator 1.2 Released.
· Timberwolf Progress Update.
· Sidplay64 v0.7 Released.
· XSidplay 2.1.1.
· Drumstudio.
· Interview with Chris (Kisiel) developer of the Turbo Card.
· Diamond Hunt 2 for the unexpanded Vic-20 reviewed by Commodore Free.
· Heroes of Midgard review.