Hellgate F2P, Rusty Hearts and More mussing on WOT f2P

I keep saying it, im a MMO addict.. Im skipping the RPG part as IM quite enjoying some other types. I tedn to try them all and play most at least a month unless there are glareing issues (opinion).

Hellgate-London: Revived causilty from the Inlfux of MMORPG's that happned a few years back. I folowe dits development but its one of the few I never got a beta invite too. When released an expansion was out for another game , so it was put on hold as a purchase. Shortly after launch alot of "bad" was posted and it slowly dropped down my "buy" list.. as it was nearing the $20 range my interest peaked and a few trips buy it on store shelves.. i was close , then it was announced, they whre shutting down. It was sold to a asain company that does lots of F2P games and revived recently in the US. I only installed it a few days ago. The game feels a bit clunky, interface wise, that came to mind only minutes into the game. Its managble, and quite frankly im not sure how else to do it with this style of game. This is a FPS RPG not he standard hack and slash. It does count on some skill to aim, but its not purely on the players shoulders. there are many aspects to it.. and much like most MMOFPS it uses some hit mechanics too. The game appears to be a HELL on Earth type game, demons invade, humans are pushed underground and venture to the surface to fight them. Most mission are very standard.. kill 20 zombies.. or get 10 capacity charges ( which drop from most mobs in your mission area.. but only oif you have a mission to get them). One intersting touch.. most mission zones must be instanced (im assuming as I havent seen other players anywhere but mission hubs). Whne you kill 25 mobs in a zone the screen will say something like " hell messenger has arrived" which will be a BOSS of sorts .. you can leave the mission zone of fight him.. so far none have cuased any distress to me.. but they have a nasty habit of almost being dead and using some ability to regenerate to full.. I think this is an anti camp idea.. if you take to long to kill them.. BOOM full health.. I noticed this alot when I didnt spend time upgrading my attacks.. i could slowly whittle um down to abotu 1/4 health and BAM full health.. rinse and repeat.. if oyu could gane just a littel each time you could win.. but the real trick (and this boss mechanice tought it to me) was just make sure you upgrade attackes (weapons or magic or?) The mobs seem interesting enough. The locations of missions is kind alike a FPS and maps.. Im not 100% sure but there seem to be about 10 so far .. I would guess it changes as you level. Thre is alot on crafting, upgrading and skills work like (hellgate was made by EX Blizzard diablo team members) the standard Blizzard skill trees. 3 trees each with its own specifics.. There seems to be fairly intersting class... and some DEMON infussed human races.. Overall I can see why it failed, it has no great Hook, its just fun enouhg to play, but I dont feel the neeed to get back to it right away. OF COURSE this is with a about 10 level of play, understandibly not enouhg time for a SOUND judgement. I say TAKE A LOOK, its free!
Rusty Hearts: to me this is a Beat um up like Vindictus.. but in a much more cartoony look.. It plays quite bad with keyboard mouse and I highly suggest a Gamepad. which sadly .. is the games downfall for me.. I do have a MS gamepad (360) for my pc but its used about every decade.. dragging out my gamepad limited my playtime.. but even with my extreme lack of skill trying to do it keyboard I had no issues going throuhg sevael dungeons. The game pad would ahve made them go about 5X faster.. Its a game much like the older side scroll beatum ups.. its fun.. but Im not sure its waht I would be lookign for. Vindictus is a much better game, looking, playing and is basicly the same thing. BUT this one is very limited playtime by me in a less then ideal control scheme.. if you found FINAL FIGHT type games fun, worht a look for sure.. it does have a cartoony art style that is done well.

WOT(World ofTanks): Im still stuck on this.. and its the first F2P where Im getting clsoe to jumping into a premium account. ONLY as it makes exp and research (points to upgrade) go 2X faster. I'm hooked. This is the best blend of arcade action, strategy (something that really shines when used.. most time its not) and skill.. most match last about 5-15 mintues and evne when your tank blows up.. you can watch the rest of the battle or just leave.. no penelty.. you get full points depending on outcome. And as you ahve up to 5 tanks in your"garage" you can hop in another and go again.. hence you will never not be playing if you dont want to be.. unless you are really bad and die at start of each battle. As you level the game does increase in difficulty and this may be my singel sore spot with the game. it should get harder, I agree with this, but teh way it gets harder chaffs me a bit.
You start with the worst tanks that WWII had to offer, you build this tank (better equipemtn etc) with research points form battles and the end of that research tree is a better tank.. so once researcehd you can purchase that tank with money (also recieved from battles).. each tank class (light, meduim, heavy, tank killer, arty) has several levels of tanks.. this level 1 crap tanks up ot the level 7 light tank that is zooms around the battlefield (you get points for dicovering enemy tanks), has a small amount of armour ( can take a hit or two) and has a gun that can damage a higher tank.. to get this tank you gotta fight alot.. but as you stick with those light tanks you genereally are in with other tanks like it.. But as you move up tank ranks.. a Meduim level 1 will often be in with a Heavy level 1.. the problem is.. those level 1 meduim tanks cant pentrate the armour of a heavy.. the shell witll just bounce off.. and your points/research/money is all part of the DAMAGE you do.. so when you get that first crap meduim tank.. its almost impossible to gain some points to upgrade it.. the game turns into you playing chicken, hiding, hopeing to spot a few tanks engaged so the rear end is Something you can hit.. makes some sence untill you get behind a heavy point blank aand shot 3-4 times while its ineganged with anotehr heavy and do 0 damage.. The game ramps the frustration wquite a bit in te mid area's.. maybe to make you want to lay some cash down I supose. It does seem almsot impossible to overcome .. going throuhg 10+ tanks takes about 300,000 cash type points.. going fromt he crappiest meduim up one level takeas about 300,000 too.. problem is you make alot less when you cant damge anything.. I guess I can blame it on the matchmaking service the game has.. and the frustration of this has not slowed my playing.. but its a flaw i would like improved on someway.

WOT a month later- Still a must play for me.


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Hmm, I'll have to see if I

Hmm, I'll have to see if I can find time to try that World of Tanks game. Seems like this is a growing trend, with free to play premium games. There's an action RPG like that I want to try as well.

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I highly recomend WOT. I like

I highly recomend WOT. I like alot of F2P but this one is one I think most anybody could get a grip on, it controls quite easily, its simple enough to play and complex enough the more savy people will see how deep the tactics can be. Two players working togther can do some amazing things.. of course as is with most MMO games.. people tend ot go thier own way and those "zen" matchs just seem that much better and the rest are a TRUE fight to survive.

and after reading my posts over and over.. I know i have said it.. I will do my dangest to start using spell checker. Some of that above is simply almost impossilbe to read. I am not that bad a speller. But Im not the greatest typest. I have been really trying to make an effort to start using Chrome. I just hate the favorties being on the right side (such a simple 'standard" why did they mess that up?).

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Clok: World of Tanks questions

This WoT game sounds interesting, and you're pitching it very well!

It sounds like a "deathmatch" style of game, rather than an RPG with tanks. Am I correct?

Also, how do teams coordinate attacks and strategies? Is it a free-for-all, or do you somehow communicate with each other via text or voice? Just curious.

A couple of F2P MMO's I'm interested in is "Need for Speed" and "Vindictus." I'm a bit wary of EA, though, so I have so far resisted Need for Speed.

I'd love to see a F2P boxing game!

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WOT is pretty much a giant

WOT is pretty much a giant BATTLEZONE game.. both teams have 12 (or is it 16) tanks. The game does the matchmaking for general match. It has more options for clan (platoon) battles and such. I was a bit worried I would wait alot for matchs. but so far I dont think I hve waited 30 seconds. Once you are assigned a match it does take a short bit. The game loads everybody (15-20 seconds) then if some are not loaded gives them about 10 seconds more, at that time a 30 second counter will start, all players loaded or not. So oyu ahve 30 seconds to look at teamates (matchs can very depending on your Atilliery, your Tank Destoryers or hoe many light/med, or heavy tankjs you have.. Lots of ARTY (artlillery) its best to give then a bit to set up (they are slow).. as a light tank its good to spot for um.. if you see it, they see it (depeneding on radio range). ALot fo times when you are a light tank.. you cant damge the big guys.. so your job is to trey sneak behind enemy lines and spot.. and maybe harras the arty.. as you level it can be a bit annoying to have alight tnk and see alot of meduim /heavy in the match.. you are in a paper bag shooting spitballs... you WILL DIE alot.. key is to learn to spot.. you get half the points for a arty kill you hlelped spot.. and you get some points for just being the firt person to see an enemy.. SO whiule you wont make loads of points you can make some with some thinking.

You have a small mini map and if you hold shift and click on it your tema will see it and you can tell them to attack or defned etc.. with the F keys.. its pretty basic but it works ok, and you will pay attention.

The games can be quite fast or slow and plodding.. Some maps are flatland so the first tank to expose itslef will die.. but it will spot for its team.. so all tanks firing at it will be on the map for arty.. The projectial system is quite good so arty cant lay down anyhing behind objects.. The targeting is handled excellent ( i think) for an arcarde/harcore game.. they mix the just the right amoun tof fun with real. Yur targeting crosshair has a large circle, as you move the cirlce gets very large ( your shot cna randlomly go anywhere in it) as you stop and take aim it shrinks.. you alos have a ZOOM (tank optics).. which can see farther depending on tanks.. SO moving and shooting is a good thing unless you are point blank (fast small tanks can be quite deadly if he gun can penatrate armour).

Its just so many things all wrapped up into a very fun game I feel. Its very simple to control, very hard to master. They have kept controls very manageable, and it suprisingly works well. I am suprised how deep the game is with such easy to use controls and gameplay.

Its free so I suggest trying it. Dont get disgouraged to quick.. he good nes is the starter tanks will be in with other starter tanks.. so most of your enemies wil be just like you.. new.. a couple wont be, but it shouldn matter to much. Once you play a bit, get an idea of What works (light meduim tanks are best to play Defence or move in large packs).. The heavy tank battles seem to be who ever mose teh largetst bunch ot the other base.. most maps have 3 paths to take.. OH, you win by destorying all tanks, or sitting on the enemy base for a certain time frame, the more tanks on it the faster it is captured. Most battle will be down to 3-4 tanks and mybe a capture.. But i have seen battels with lots of heavy slow tanks won with a single light captureing hte base..

I have been playing it 2 months now.. pretty much every night I get a match or two in..

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