The Time Police

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Well, I should have my "document design" or "pitch" ready for you guys to look at soon enough. I've been working on it pretty hard, and thinking on the questions has led me into some very unexpected directions.

I think what I'm going to end up with is something like Deus Ex + Syndicate (the old one) + Rainbow Six + Total War. The big draw (for me, at least) is the ability to switch at any time between first-person mode (action view) and third-person (tactical view). Instead of true turn-based combat, I'm opting for the Total War "time slider," which will let you slow down or speed up combat as you see fit. You can also (at any time) rewind time to do something over again as many times as you like, and you get to keep your experience (but not any items, of course).

The first-person combat will work rather like the Rainbox Six games, with you able to issue orders to your team. However, in this game the team can be separated and do things individually. The nice advantage to that is since you can rewind time (as long as you don't wipe your whole team), you can send people on suicide runs to get info or whatever. If all the mission requires is a piece of information, for instance, and you had the sense to select the "photographic memory" talent or implant, you could blaze in, look at the report, get shot, rewind time, and then recite it. Mission accomplished!

In between missions, you'll be able to upgrade your team a la Syndicate, with better implants or weapons. Of course, there will be a constant need to consider the historical implications; you can't have a laser rifle in 1980, for example. However, you will be allowed to make any modifications that would have been possible given that era's technology.

The Deus Ex influence is mostly in the story, which involves the biggest conspiracy possible. :)

I've still got a helluva lotta details to work out, but I'll try to keep you posted.