Dreamcast VGA gaming

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I have at long last got around to upgrading the 2nd house TV which is the main "downstairs gaming TV". A nice 32" Sony LCD. Have connected the Wii up via component cable and it looks splendid. Because the screen isn't too big the Wii's shortcomings aren't an issue; it upscales DVDs nicely too - just tested disc 1 of LOTR - Fellowship and the results are very nice. I have also taken the opportunity to connect the Dreamcast up to the VGA input on the TV (also has an audio in so no need for setting up speakers) and it is looking great. Expect to see some of my DC games listed in my middle aged gamer's collection posts.

The 28'' Panasonic CRT it replaces is a keeper though - that's now up in the spare room as it has RGB SCART, supports NTSC and PAL60, and s-video - so it's my full time retro gaming TV now. I'll have most of my kit permanently connected up to it so I should be enjoying more of the older stuff more conveniently now.