Matt Chat 118: The Dagger Has Fallen and It Can't Get Up!

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This week, I finally get around to retrospecting Bethesda's 1996 masterpiece Daggerfall, the game that for many fans is still the best ever Elder Scrolls game. While not without its share of bugs and interface issues, it's still a terrific achievement and demonstrates the possibilities of procedurally-generated content in CRPGs. Just don't make the mistake I did of not checking ALL the options for keyboard and mouse. :)

Still, the resulting misadventures are pretty darn funny.

Download the mp4.


Rampant Coyote (not verified)

I remember reading a couple of reviews about the mouse control system in Ultima Underworld that praised the scheme. One went so far as to say that it was the model of how controls should all be in the future.

Now, going back, it feels terrible.

While part of me is dismayed that FPS games have pretty much driven interface design for RPGs (and how much of that has also driven game design, I wonder, as the gameplay gets massaged to fit the familiar interface design?), but another part of me figures that the popularity is at least somewhat based on player preference... we've optimized in that direction.

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Bill Loguidice wrote:

Page 43 of the November 2011 issue of OXM has an interesting bit of trivia that I totally forgot about. Bethesda's first game was Gridiron! in 1986 for the Commodore Amiga and it was the first physics-based 11x11 football game. After that EA hired them to create John Madden Football.

It's also claimed in there that one year after Arena, the game The Terminator: Future Shock was their first full 3D game that basically set all of the techniques they'd use in their future games, and it was also the game that pioneered mouselook, which apparently they got panned for in contemporary reviews.

Loved Future shock (and Skynet), in fact the first game of theirs i played was Terminator 2029 think a EOB tyoe game with guns.. it was quite fun I thouhgt and I replayed it about a year ago. Call of Cthulhu was a game tht got no love that should have too... I really dont thienk they have made a bad game except eh Star Trek one. (not counting published games.. some of those are pretty bad.. Brink, WET (which was kinda cool but it suffered excessive control syndrom.. to many button pushes to do to many things)

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Daggerfall better graphics mod

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ruthan wrote:

Salvation is near:

More info on:

dang... i hav so many games to replay old ones.. but this video makes me want to take alook.

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