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Hey all,
I have a good collection of great classic games like the early Ultima's, Wizardy and many more gems but where I live there is quiet a lot of humidity. At present its reading 70%. I've noticed that some of my top part of the game boxes have sprung out a little sideways. Just wondering if this has happen to anyone else or if there else anything I can do to reduce the humidity. Rest of the house is the same. I live in Valencia Spain where its high humidity. doh!!!


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Robbo, you may want to invest in a "dehumidifier." These are devices that pull moisture vapor out of the air and condense it into liquid form. The water is usually collected into a removable container that can be dumped out into a sink when full.

If you keep your videogame items in a smaller storage area, like a closet, then a smaller, cheaper device is probably sufficient. There are many dehumidifier brands available on, and sometimes you can find them at your local department store.

Too much moisture in the air can cause items to collect mold, mildew, and even insects, all of which is definitely bad for collectors items! Moisture can also build up in shrink-wrapped items, since the moisture inside has no means to escape into the air!

If you really want to start out cheap, you can probably buy a "moisture absorber" product at a local supermarket. Here in the U.S., you can commonly find products like "DampRid" at the local grocery store. These moisture absorber products are basically "silica gel" pellets placed in a small plastic container.

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Well I would suspect you

Well I would suspect you could do much like COMIC book collecters do. Seal them in plastic. But as you have already had the "problem" so to speak it may be to late to change it. With some carefull presure (heavy books?) maybe you could kinda force it back into shape? I would gues it would be quite tricky and you would have to be carefull not to damge them more. I have used such on thinck cover gaphic novels i pikc up at yard sales and such damged.. some time, some preasure and you can get them back to original form quite often.. not always and as I asy these are comics.. not boxes.. But if they are in good shape, a sealed pastic container when your humidity is the lowest would b my suggestion.

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