Chris's Podcast #2: Videogames are Dead. Command?

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My second podcast has arrived, and it is heavier on the theory than the controversy - at least I hope.

In this podcast, I submit that gaming - specifically the creativity behind it - is dead. This is certainly not a new idea - but I attempt to explain where we have been and look back at what made us successful. Where are we going? That's up to us.

Expect a look at the past, a bit of gaming philosophy, and a short, semi-technical story.

I look forward to your feedback.

Download the mp3.


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Depehnds what "piracy" is for

Never know how they come up with these figures, but I wonder how many downloaded it to see what all the fuss was about and didn't play it much anyways.

For a game to be pirated the way publishers describe it, you would need someone who really wanted the game, downloaded the game specifically to avoid paying for it, and then played it just like they would if they had payed for it.

I tend to believe that less than 10% of games are pirated in that way. I think many are downloaded now that games don't have demo's for example, just trailers.

Given that Witcher 2 on PC now has sales over 2 million, it puts it in very good company when looking at the PC version sales of games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Surely a bigger problem is more and more gamers waiting for the GOTY version that now seems to come out within 6 months of the original due to the publishers desire to maximize their profits? If publishers had more respect for their games, they will retail them at under $50 and then keep it at that price for at least a year!

I see no benefit in mentioning piracy numbers, because to me, The Witcher 2 sold about as well as can be expected for a European PC only tile. It would have been interesting to see if a game like Dragon Age had just came out on PC, what it would have sold....!

Bill Loguidice
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Old argument, but...

You know, HardWar_UK, I always hear about piracy numbers "not being real" or "not reflecting reality" or "I bet most of those people don't use it" or even the classic, "well, these people wouldn't buy it anyway." In this particular case, if you read the article, I think it's a valid calculation of the number of times it was downloaded illegally (and let's keep in mind that the developer is not actually complaining about the theft). What's done after that is anyone's guess, but the fact of the matter is is that if you even say that 1% of those 4.5 million downloads actually got played, then that's still 45,000 people who should not be enjoying the game for free. It's that simple. If you enjoy the game, pay the price. If you don't want to pay the price, you shouldn't be allowed to play the game.

Anyway, my intention for posting that was not to beat the zombie horse again, but just as a point of interest for a different take on the whole piracy issue. Again, it's notable that though the developer was financially damaged (as all creators are who have their stuff pirated), he was not complaining nor calling for DRM.


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