9 Hit Videogames Whose Follow-Ups Disappointed

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I read this article titled
"9 Hit Videogames Whose Follow-Ups Disappointed"

LINK: http://www.toplessrobot.com/2011/09/9_hit_videogames_whose_follow-ups_fl...

Now, I don't necessarily agree with any of them but I was just curious what your thoughts
might be on this? Agree with any of them? All of them? What say you?


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I have to agree with Link,

I have to agree with Link, but then after the first one, all seemed pale to me.. that first one had something special for its time.

Everquest II- waht to many folow ups do.. make the graphics fantastic and dont improve on gameplay. In its current state its not bad, but when released.. the game was a pretty to look at.. and thata about it.

HALO (any after the first)- im no fan of the average shooter, but on consoles its a high water mark, the rest all seem like add on missions to me..

Castlevania- almost all after the first are sub par in some way (teh SNES maybe being het exception, those rotating tube rooms almost made me sick).

Im a bit suprised at some on that list, Star Wars Force unleashed wasnt a good game to start, and the second just does more than the first.. so ehh.. maybe it does suck more. ( i just picked up 2 on gamefly's sale for $9).

its wierd, most games on that list have several follow ups, some good some bad.. its not like a game with 5 follow ups isnt going to have a stinker in the bunch.

COol list.

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