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I am a game addict So i buy way to many games, play them far to little and repeat. This past week I bought:

Rock OF Ages

This one caught my attention purely on the fact its by the guys who did a quirky game called ZENO CLASH which I enjoyed. Not to mention the fact it looked (and its mentioned many times) Monty Pythonish with the graphics, great Homage to Graham Chapman. I cant really say I have seen this game before. Maybe the old gamecube game (which i own) that was somewhat pinball and RTS army stratgy game (ombogno?) You used the pinball ( giant rock) to crush the advancing enemies and tried not to hit your troops. Well Rock of Ages .. you are a GIANT rock you roll down a track which can have several paths and at the end, depending on speed and how much damge you took on the way, you smash a door. There is a Tower Defence vibe to it also. As you put up obstical to stop the other players (oh, ya, he is doing the ame thing, trying to smash your door down) way. silly stuff, cows that nudge the ball, towers, catpults, etc.. they all alter the path or dmage your BALL. the ball controls muchlike any FPS, arrows and such, but its a giant rolling ball, so it has some Marble madness to it.. changeing directions is not instant. And the paths are raised, so falling off one.. is death..well not death, but a start over. The game has a animated graphic of some guys chip/carving a new ball and it takes time if you lose your current one. Also on the path are people ans such, detroying them and the other guys fortifactions gives you money to build yours.. Of course every tower you destroy gives you money, but it also takes some heft off your ball, it does dsamage to it. I'm not sure but the time i played it every door took 3 hits.. maybe later they will take more (or less?) This one is hard to recomend as some people are going to love it and some will hate it.. me .. honeslty am in the exact middle, some parts of the game i love, some I hate.. and after smashing about 5 doors, well.. it seemed a bit samey.. I do think I will play ti some more, but it will never be "must play" for me.. I liked the fact it felt kinda new, but when you played it you could really feel all the other gmaes mashed into one.. and it does work in a wierd way. I hesitate to score this game. its really one that I think should be played ( is there a demo?).. or at least viewed and make a decision form there.

GOG had WC III on sale so picke that up. Wing Commander III actually holds up fairly well and the lack of good space combat games makes this one worth a revisit. I have hte original in a GIANT special edition box that Orgin used back then, the size of 4 regualar boxes. But having it easy to run is a big plus.

But in the end I have been burning through matchs in WoTanks..


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Much to love

Thanks for this Clok. I actually laughed out loud when the rock crashed through the paper cutout people and into various defenses. I think this is right up my (rather weird) alley. :-D



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