Nintendo to Release Analog Stick for 3DS - What's going on over there?

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Nintendo 3DS Analog Add-onNintendo 3DS Analog Add-onFor those who didn't catch it, those bizarre rumors of Nintendo releasing an analog joystick add-on for the 3DS are true. What's bizarre about this $20 add-on - besides how quickly this will be released after launch - is that it will require a AAA battery. Some are speculating that this is for some type of rumble feature - something Nintendo has tried a few times before on their handhelds and never supported beyond a few games here and there - but it could simply be because of the way the expansion clips in and is utilized that may it require a power assist. This of course does nothing to help the 3DS's anemic battery life, so why Nintendo didn't address the REAL issue here (hint: it wasn't the lack of a second analog stick) and make it a combination rechargeable battery slice and analog stick combo is beyond me, but then Nintendo has not been making much sense in the past year anyway, be it the anemic Wii game release schedule or the seemingly panicked series of "corrective" responses to a tepid 3DS launch.

Frankly, Nintendo doing a HUGE price drop for the 3DS shortly after launch spurred sales enough where you think they wouldn't have to do this analog stick thing (which, by the way, adds another set of shoulder buttons!), but these days there's no telling what's going on behind the scenes over there at Nintendo HQ. Perhaps Nintendo has projected that the sales boost won't be sustained, or perhaps they're somehow fearful of the wide 2012 release of Sony's Vita, but I really doubt either scenario. While I've gone on record stating that I believe this is the last sustainable generation for a dedicated mainstream gaming handheld in the light of already good enough smartphone and tablet gaming (which will quickly get ever more powerful due to the amazing amount of competition in those spaces, outpacing anything possible in dedicated gaming handhelds), there is still this generation to keep the proverbial good times rolling at least somewhat like they were before the iPhone kicked off the smartphone craze and threw a monkey wrench into the whole portable gaming thing.

Naturally this analog stick add-on kind of minimizes Nintendo's other announcement of 3D video recording with the 3DS, which is rather neat, but it will probably be more of a novelty than anything particularly useful anyway given the handheld's inherent power. There was also the usual announcement of additional entries in their popular franchises, which of course Nintendo has been leaning on almost exclusively of late.

Oh, and one more thing... If anyone thinks for a minute that this analog stick add-on doesn't mean that a combined 3DS hardware revision isn't coming sooner rather than later, then I guess you probably also think that Nintendo is fully in control behind the scenes these days...


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davyK wrote:

I have heard though that Starfox 3D uses the tilt well so it can be done it seems.

So does the Galaga/Pac-Man combo, as does Steel Diver. In fact, the built-in AR games make use of that too. It's not easy keeping your arms and focus straight enough to maintain the 3D effect while moving the 3DS around, so there IS something to be said for replacing that with a second analog nub...

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Bill Loguidice wrote:

It's not easy keeping your arms and focus straight enough to maintain the 3D effect while moving the 3DS around, so there IS something to be said for replacing that with a second analog nub...

You know - I had a big problem with a boss in Ocarina of Time because of how much I had to use both my left hand and right hand at the same time - constantly hitting the L shoulder button on the left and the X or Y on the right. It wasn't a problem for my hands, but it was enough "work" that I would quickly lose the "sweet spot" that you are supposed to stay in while playing 3D games.

I don't see how the Street Fighter/Dead or Alive people can do it...

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just to add to this sotery

just to add to this sotery there was a recent news story on Nintendo in its homecountry. it made the list of the 10 companies employees are losing hope in. From my reading (translated) it appears they are lsoing employees and most state they feel there will be layoffs soon. Alot has vbeen made of the top guys having blinders to handhelds (and this part I do agree with if its true).I see a few of the "normal" game websites have poped up a few stories on this taking the worst of the story and just mentioning that. The story does go on about how the gamecube era was also not so hot for nintendo and they bounced back.. They listed something like 20% turn over at a company that has 2-3% normally.But I must admit Unless your Foxxcon, when your employees are jumping ship first chance they can.. its not a good sign. Scan your favorite game news sites and maybe your not so favorite and you should see something on it.

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There's not one but 3 Monster

There's not one but two Monster Hunter games for the 3DS coming out in Japan - an update of the Wii's Tri and a new Monster Hunter 4 - these will be massive in the homeland and maybe this explains the addon... there's some nice looking 1st party stuff due too - Luigi's Mansion 2 and a Kid Icarus game alongside Mario 3d and Mario Kart 7 which will feature a 1st person view for the 1st time in the series. Maybe this will give the platform a boost.

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