Video capture on PC?

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Bill Loguidice
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He's not looking for an

He's not looking for an external recorder I think, just a way to capture his PC screen, which would require a software solution since you can't do HDMI or VGA captures on a consumer level. For that, I recommend Camtasia Studio, which, though pricey, gives superb performance and has a host of features. Camtastic is a freebie knock-off, but I haven't had the same success with it.

If it's an external recorder, I HIGHLY recommend this: . It allows for full 1080i captures using component cables and doesn't overly tax your PC, and it also allows a pass-through to another display, so the issues of lag are non-existent. It's what we've been using to get captures off the Xbox 360 for the upcoming book, and it's worked beautifully.

Rob Daviau
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You know, I have a fairly powerful PC and fiddled with various capture cards, usb devices etc. When I went from XP to VISTA to Windows 7 64 bit those devices never received a driver update and became useless, PISS ME OFF. Also between software settings, lag, sync issues I finallt decided to simplify! I picked up an $80 Standalone DVD RECORDER from FUTURE SHOP, composite and RF input (great foe my older consoles) I record direct to DVD. This has several advantages:

4. Footage is already captured to digital format ready to import to PC (Though must support .VOB files or CONVERT)
5. Footage is already archived if using DVD-r OR use DVDrw to re-use media.

Seriously, I do not bother with fiddly software and capture devices anymore. I recommend this to many with positive results.


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