Commodore 64 Webit hack

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Mark Vergeer
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Th e O l d C 6 4 P C - C o m m o d o r e 6 4 : W e b . I t

The well known brand Commodore has switched ownership time and again after Commodore went bust in the early 90s. In 1998 the first new Commodore 64 machine came into being: the Web-it.
The system is based around MS-DOS and the internet as standard. It retains compatibility with original CBM 64 software through the use of a software emulator. This video will show it's function and that I hacked into it.

T h e N e w C 6 4 P C

The idea of making a Commodore64 branded machine has been repeated in 2011 by CommodoreUSA and they are selling a modified C64 case containing a regular PC (I believe powered by an Atom CPU so don't expect stellar performance out of it)