Package from Downunder - September 6th 2011 - ElectricAdventures Shoutout

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Mark Vergeer
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A very nice package from downunder from a very cool YouTuber who goes by the name ElectricAdventures. He's had that handle ever since the 80s and you definitely should go check out his channel:

Tony has been developing some amazing arcade style games on the SpectraVideo and MSX1 systems and actually sold quite a few in NewZealand and Australia. These MSX games are pretty rare in the rest of the world though but they are worth checking out and playing.

Head on over to Tony's channel and check out some of the gameplay footage he recorded of the three games he has sent me. I am going to do a review proper on it running on original hardware running of the original tapes! Sometime in the very near future.

Tony also has a very nice website which is a must for any Spectravideo or MSX fan: