"Real" Arcade controllers on consoles

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Shawn Delahunty
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I've slowly been reading through the back-catalog of Blogs and Forum posts here on Armchair Arcade. In so doing, I came across a short blog entry by Matt Barton from back in 2006:
"Out of Control": Chris Kohler's History of Wacky Controllers

This sent me down memory-lane, and in a roundabout fashion got me thinking about the "old days" when I spent ridiculous amounts of money at the mall arcade. This, in turn, got me thinking about all the 're-makes' and 'de-makes' and re-issues of "Classic Arcade Games" on XBLA and PC and so forth. I know that for my part, I much prefer to play those games on the original arcade cabinet, with the rugged control sticks and buttons. So my question for everyone is this:

How many people have,
(a) Forked out for things like the Xarcade Tank-Stick? (For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here's a link to the XArcade Site)
(b) Considered doing so?
(c) Done so and loved the choice?
(d) Done so and regretted it?
(e) Considered building their own? (several videos on YouTube from folks who have done just that)

One of my longer-term TODO projects is the building of a MAME-based arcade cabinet to play some of the old games, but until then I have to fumble along with horrid keyboard controls or my Logitech USB gamepad.

Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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I got into a mini arcade

I've had a couple of official arcade controllers for the Sega Saturn for years but I recently got into a mini arcade stick buying spree - have 2 official Dreamcast sticks - really nice and responsive. They even have a slot and little window for the VMU.

Also have a Madcatz Tatsunoko v Capcom fighting stick for the Wii (these can be picked up cheap at present). Another nice stick - the buttons might just feel a bit light in comparison with my other sticks but it's all very responsive. It plugs into the remote so you have wireless arcade stick gaming for those VC and WiiWare shmups. Basically it is a substitute for the Wii classic controller

Finally I have a Mayflash PS2 stick which is also quite nice - got this for my growing PS2 shmup collection.

I also have an adaptor called a classic linker which lets you plug a PS2 or Wii controller into a Gamecube which didn't seem to get much in the way of peripherals in that way.

Arcade sticks take a bit of getting used to after a couple of decades with a pad but its great to get back to this old control method for those arcade style games - you feel more connected to the action for some reason.

Matt Barton
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I have an X-Arcade Dual as

I have an X-Arcade Dual as well. I'm angry with the purchase because shortly afterward, they released one with a USB adapter (mine requires you to connect it to a PS2 keyboard, a royal pain). I went back and forth with them awhile, and they sent me a "beta" dongle of some sort, but I was never able to get it to work properly. Apparently I need to buy a kit from them and do some soldering to get it working. Bleh. They are touted for their excellent service, but they wouldn't let me just ship it back to them for them to do the USB upgrade. And I paid $200 for mine!

Otherwise, it's a great unit, very sturdy and authentic arcade feel. Sadly, though, it just sits in a box collecting dust. Unless you have a nice arcade cab or some way to keep it easily accessible, you will probably enjoy it massively for a couple of weeks, then it will join your ice cream maker in the bowels of some dank cabinet.

Bill Loguidice
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I got an X-Arcade dual stick

I got an X-Arcade dual stick setup with all of the adapters back when they had a sale. I honestly haven't gotten around to trying it yet, but hopefully will soon. My recommendation is wait for a sale, because I got the dual stick plus all the adapters they make for what I think was the same as their regular price for just the dual stick.


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