Commodore 64 Showcase Games? Suggestions?

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Rowdy Rob
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I've spent the long weekend playing with the "C64 Forever" package from Cloanto, and I'm quite frankly STUNNED by the quality of some of the C64 games included! I'm one of the two geeks in the world who is almost totally unfamiliar with the Commodore 64, being a former Atari 8-bit user, so seeing these games for the first time amazed me! I really missed out!

I spent a great deal of time looking over some of the games, and the developers REALLY pushed the C64 to incredible heights! Looking at games like "Dan Dare 3," "Deliverance," and "Salamander," I was in awe!

I want to see more super-quality games that show off the capabilities of the C64, and I'm looking for suggestions! I want to see the games that you'd have pulled out to show to Apple or Atari owners to make them jealous!

I'm not looking for "great games" so much as great "showcase" games. For example, "M.U.L.E." was a great game, but it's not necessarily a game that you'd pull out to showcase what the C64 was capable of audio-visually. Hopefully, as a side benefit, the games will be great fun as well, but mostly I'm looking for AMAZING games.

So, what are your suggestions for "showcase" games? "Demos" are nice, but I'm looking for game suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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I think The Last Ninja 3 gets

I think The Last Ninja 3 gets pulled out a lot. That and Zak McKraken.

Bill Loguidice
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Early (to 1985): Mancopter,

Early (to 1985): Mancopter, Satan's Hollow, Congo Bongo (complete version), Raid on Bungeling Bay, GI Joe.

Later (post 1985): Mayhem in Monsterland, Creatures, Creatures 2.

Those are the ones off the top of my head.


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