Different countires gaming habits

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I'm a HUGE fan of the monster Hunter games, in my mind htey are really the closest thing to old school gaming, but a bit more action. I have been very dispointed that last few versions ahve been on handhelds and the Wii :(

I know not many will enjoy these games, they involve alot of "work" (I dont consider it that, but many will) to get anywhere. For anybody not in the know. Monster hunter has you doing just that.. hunting monsters.. but once dead you need to skin/gut/ etc.. the monster to get fur, scales, bones,meat, etc.. You need ot actually cook meat to eat and live (and you need to learn how to cook even), you use the parts of the mosnters to complete quests or fasion new armour or weapons.. it (in my mind) like an old RPG, you hunt for new stuff so you can take on bigger badder monsters, and the cycle contniues. Each monster attacks in somewaht patterns so in a small way its like all "boss" battles you ahve to learn them to beat them.. but instead of 10 a game, you have hundereds. it can get abit grindly at times, but I heardly ever feel tht way as the end items are normally worth it.

But my point.. this game series is HUGE in japan.. but has little following in america.. Where our FPS addiction doesnt translate to japan.. I have thought some about this.. Fanatasy seems to play a MUCH bigger part in asain games.. yet the gameplay does mimic real life ideals.. work hard, be carefull to achive your goals.. yet most american FPS seem to reward in many ways.. gung ho can work for the twitch gamer, carefull planning can work, even just sitting around and luck can work.. it almost seems the asian community likes a goal, and a set way of getting it be it kill 10,000 XXX or .. they dont mind a grind as long as at the end the resault is what is promised.. while we need 30 ways to achive it.. some easy some hard, some so so..

It almost feels like asian games reward work, tactical thinking, and american games reward skill.. In my mind i know at my age I prefer the first.. My skills in video games are no where near what they once where. As most american games are action, timing, and twitch plays in alot. maybe Im wrong.. I know for sure Asain MMORPG's reward gameplay T*IME.. the more you play the better stuff you will have .. in the end that makes 100% sence in a game that gets paid if you play.. but that is somthing I domnt like either.. i cant play games all day anymore.. so I will never achive waht they do.. maybe that is why I like mosnter Hunter, I can achive what anybody else does by just playing very litttel twtich, time only matter for how far you are in game.. not waht oyu ahve.. i ahve 20 hours, you have 20 hours we both will most likley have hte same equipment..