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The annual poll over at is in and the 360 has gained quite a presence thanks to the support it gets from Cave - 2 in the top 5 and 6 in the top 10. The 360 is quite an exciting platform in shmupping circles right now though many of the old stagers such as R-Type, Gunbird 2 and Darius Gaiden are still there - the Arcade/Saturn's Battle Garegga tops the poll for the 3rd year in a row.

there are a few DoDonPach variations kicking around thanks to the 360 - but the original is still up there too.

Notable omissions are big names such as Radiant Silvergun and Soukyugarentai - demoted to the honorable mention list.

Its all very hardcore (though welcoming) at and shooters with deep scoring mechanics tend to do well and show durability.

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I must say I prefer old

I must say I prefer old school on my SHMUPS.. the Dazzle um with crap on screen stuff kinda annoys me. All that stuff is pure distraction and us simple folk get distracted to easy :) I prefer 1 bullet killing me.. I can understand that concept.. the 10,000 shots, pick the spot with the least is just ... to complicated for me..

I DO LOVE how clever they have gotten with them.. Some of the odd characters and such, enemies that are giant floating cat heads that shoot forked toungs... (guwange (orhowver you spell it) is a personal favorite of mine, of ocurse thats even old school). I recently tried Jamestown.. cool idea.. way to hard for me..

I remeber the days of Twin cobra and thinkin was hot crap cuz i could beat 3-4 stages on a quarter

and Guwange

those old acve altus games where lots of fun.. just dang hard

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Be careful Matt - some of

Be careful Matt - some of newer bullet hell shmups may not be too inviting to the uninitiated!!!!!

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I played a bit of a new

I played a bit of a new Galaga remake on the 360 the other day. It was just entertaining enough to make me want to explore the genre a bit more, and this list looks like a good place to start.


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