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I was under the weather this weekend so spent it inside. I did do something somewaht constructive, I tired out several new games.

World Of Tanks- Free2Play wargame: This is not a REALISTIC simulation, but does go a bit deeper then the cimple combat model most FPS with tanks goes. The game is much like any MMO game, you level, and your skills and upgrades are your Crew and additional parts for your tank. Bigger engines, better treads, bigger guns, better radio... The radio thing is kinda interesting. The game uses cover quite well, if you are parked in a treeline, the other side wont see you untill you fire.. so Suprise attacks are quite possible. Radios are part of your radar (so to speak) the better your radio the larger its range. so In a large battelfield if your friendly tanks spot an enemy, he will show up on your rader (if your radio is in range). Why is this important? well you can basicly hit anything you can see..IF your gunners are good, your gun is good, and you take your time. Aiming is all a combonation of things. First all guns have an Acc rateing. The up side.. most are deadly accurate. Your crew can be good or bad (this part thnakfully has little part of non moving shots).. and last.. Moving or sitting.. Your gun has a crosshair with a LARGE circle around it. the Circle is whre your shell will go.. when rolling, an moving it basicly the whole screen (you are not going to hit crap unless you are point blank...) but ast you stop the circle grows smaller.. if you are sitting it starts small.. Basicly if you are stopped, and wait about 2 seconds you can HIT anything if you can see it.. it makes setup and tactical thinking people the winners. The FPS run and gun crowd alos has its place. With the different guns you can Run and GUN a little.. there is the traditional TANK guns.. big shells big damage.. but also the Hgh caliber smaller shells, better pentration but less damage. The upside to these guns is they shoot 2-4X each fire.. and when moving fast have a better chance of hitting.. while still not good and some real skill will be involved.. a FAST tank and a small gun can be quite deadly if used right. There are alos the Tank Destoryers.. small tank, HUGE guns.. hard to aim, but if they connect they do huge damage.. glass cannons.. and of course tanks with mini howitzers on them (personal favorite) when used you can view the battel field from the sky, look down at those CAMPING buggers and rain a HUGE shell on them.. the negative.. very slow reload times, very slow to "line up" .. but if you hit.. one shotting a tank is quite possible.
The real fun of this game is working toghter (so yes, most times its a cluster Bung) but when you do.... Light tanks can be very fast.. and thier job is exposing the enemy, not engageing.. all those tanks hiding will fire on you when you pass them, exposing them to your "big guns".
When you start you may be discouraged.. you start with the early tanks of WWII.. CRAP! slow, no armour, guns that will bounce off a better tank.. The upside is most battles will even the wipmps and big guys out.. so you wont be in an unfair match.. but you might be in an unfair One on one.. you with no speed and a gun that wont even knick them and them with speed and a gun that will kill you in 2-3 shots.. Dont get me wrong... any tank can kill any othertank.. but the chances are slim.. Most early battles will be all Light tanks (as you start) and you can move up to better and better light tanks, at first when you get your first one(better light tank) you will feel "uber" and kill a few.. but the game matchs players.. so soon enough you will be one on one with your match again.
The game is basicly Deathmatch with somewhat realistic tanks and tactics.. I found it quite fun.. to much in fact and played it almost all weekend. The frustration will grind on you a bit as you work with crap.. but as you learn to play with others it will improve.. The real neagative is its random. You can be on a very good team or a very bad one.. I found at the end of 3 days (yes i played alot) my favorite tank had 43 battles.. I had 46 kills and lived through 82% of my fights.. but I only won 47%...

In the end its free, easy to learn, and if you enjoyed the tank combat in games like BF42 and the like I recommend a try.. Its not arcade like.. but its not heavy realistic either.. its almost the perfect corcross between the two.. it needs much more work, but its quite fun.

CRIMECRAFT:BLEEDOUT- One of the million MMORPG out there.. but his one is a shooter. I had passed it buy when it was PAY 2 PLAY.. was never in the beta.. and had zero interest after watching videos. I could get my FPS team fix from TF2, L4D2, etc.. Well its went F2P and had some bonus stuff if oyu played this weekend.. WHile I was killing tanks I downloaded it. Sunday at noon i fired it up.. 980 in q.... WOW! it took over 3 hours to get into the game. Once in its like most MMO, you get missions and complete them.. You are in battle areas.. (you will do several mission in the same ones sometimes) you do stuff like place cameras.. (which consists in sitting in a marked spot for 5 seconds defending yourslef). The early mission are all Players vs NPC and the NPC are not to swift, they do improve alot later. but early on you will be Arnold! mowing down hundreds of them. Missions will consist of defending a spot whill you are rushed from all sides, placeing stuff in spots all over the map, finding stuff (same as placeing , but you just site while you 'search") going to far end of a a level and killing a "BOSS".. etc.. the levels are varied enough that even when I played the same one several times it didnt get old. There is Crafting.. Guns can be improved with gadgets, Cloths (seems to the most populor one) can be armour and create your "look" (which is very "Esacep from New York" like) chems which are the "buffs" etc... Loot is random duffle bags placed around maps.. you have to stand on them for 2-3 seconds to pick them up. Much like any game, lots of this is trash.. but once and awhile a new weapon or ? thiere is PVP several types, Captuer types, defend types etc.. Levels are skills, such as Rubber coating (10% armour boost) Drug injector (health regen, slow but worth it), Heartbat monitor (radar level it up to increase range), etc..
I found this game quite fun too, once I got in on Sunday late afternoon I played untill bedtime.. This one is all action, non stop with levels and skills, a nice change from the slower paced Fanatasy MMORPG's.

Overall I would recomend both, free, jus the time to download and set up an account and try. I am not sure either will be long term for me.. But they are a NICE change of pace from the normal MMOPRG right now.. World of Tanks is a bit slowr paced.. and very slow placed if you have a stand off. and Crimecraft is blitzing fast Deathmatch action with a bit deeper mechanic.
I tend to try all MMORPG. and most last a few hours and Im done. Some a few days, both of these are better then most as far as I can see (so far) .. WOT may get an avarage user frustrated, it can be a real harsh with the standard "gung ho" players that can live on low ping and excelllent reactions.. those wont help in WOT.. turrent speed is only as fast as your turrent allows, targeting has to do with your gun/gunners/ and prepardness. And Hours spent getting a big tank doesnt mean you will waltz thorouhg a hail of fire.. overall it does reward the thinking person, or the group who works toghtere..
Crimcraft is the gung ho gamers game.. the good thing is I belive you can skip PvP for a long time.. so it you Vs NPC... so the frustration of a 12 year old that can say a naughty word, and shoot you from a mile away at the same time wont frustrate you.

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Sounds like a good game,

Sounds like a good game, Clok. I tried out one called Crimson Heroes for the 360. It's pretty fun; basically a fantasy version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance or the later Gauntlet arcade games. I'm kinda bored with that format so probably not as enthralled as some folks might.

Also been playing Dark Star One a bit off and on. I suppose it's a modern version of Elite/Privateer, though the production values aren't as slick as I'd like. I haven't decided if it's good enough to spend more time with or not.

Also picked up Rainbow Six Vegas for cheap and have been trying that out. Seems okay so far, but at least the first part seems a lot more standard FPS than the other Clancy games I've played. Not necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps a bit too repetitive after DEHR and Quantum of Solace.

BTW, I think QoS is a really remarkable movie-to-game conversion. They really captured the action in the movie well, though I think they failed pretty hard in the story department. Still, if you're familiar with the movie and liked it, I see no reason why you shouldn't like the game as well. It has excellent pacing and a nice mix of stealth and shooting (not nearly as intense as DEHR in these regards; just enough to make it interesting).

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Just a follow up a couple weeks later on both games.

Crimecraft: Was fun untill it pushed you into the big bad world. The small instances i was in where populated by several other players so they could be completed. Once you enter the teens you are no longer in NOOB land and several missions wont let you start without enough players. After waiting over an hour (yes and hour) I gave up. I have not been back. Any game that requires me to have others and has that low of population so i cant advance. well I domnt have that kind of time. I will revist this some this winter and see.

World Of TANKS!: The mroe I play the more I must RECOMEND this game. Its really a great game, frustrating sometimes, but its fairly deep and fun. The leveling of your "character" is really just hte ability to move up to better tanks. Tanks have Tiers, and there are also types, light, medium, heavy, Tank Destroyers and Atillery. Also you ahve 3 nations, american, german, and russian (all with tech trees and tanks)So when you start you have the argubly crapest tank in the game. The good news is you are not thrown in with wolves, most matchs will pit you against the same types of tanks. SO with some skill and game playing you can succed. YOu advance by RESEARCH points and yes the standard, experiance. Each battle rewards you with both, which will upgrade your tank. Most tanks will have different engines, longer range radio, Heavier duty Treads, Different guns, and different turrents. SOme will have a couple of each. many tanks will allow several types of guns. The early tanks can be upgraded fairly quickly so you wont fell to underpowered for more than a battle or two (dont worry even at your weakest with some smart thinking you can win quite easily). You alos have rews that level with tanks, in the early levels its not to big a concern.. they start at 50% skill (you can upgrade to 75% or 100%, but both are quite expensive). As far as I can tell they level about 1% a match and I have moved up a tank by the time i have battled with it 10-20 times. Tank crews can swap to new tanks (and you have a barricks to house them) but they where traind on tank XXX so moving them to tank YYY means retrain, they wont lose all thier skill, but so far it seems they start at about 3-6% more thant 50% if you do this (it is free so there is a small advantage, but the micro managing and moving seems a bit silly when you wont keep that tank long anyways).When I started I just played all 3 nations starting at bottom. This seemed logical, but as I advanced up the light tank tier your first reaction is "i need a meduim tank!" and I proceded to do lots of missions saveing my experiance to "buy" a better tank. This was my first MAJOR noob mistake. All tanks after battle require more ammo and repair, which costs experiance, the bigger the tank the more. SO jumping up to a meduim tank right away without learning to work with others well.. costs alot. And there is one other thing.. much like starting with light tanks being thrown in with light tanks... all the sudden i have the crap Medium tank.. in with a bunch of other medium tanks.. all better then me. And as you go up tanks, the difference between crap and ok to good all starts to magnify a bit more. I quickly learned I need to do like all games, learn and slowly move up. The playing all "three" nations was also a NOOB mistake, at least it seemed to be. YOu should stick with one nation and move up the tiers (of tanks, dont worry there are alot). Each nation seems to have some reason to play.. The Americans seem to be the "even" group.. not great, but not bad, the Germans are all about touhg and packing a punch but are SLOW, and the russians have a bit of everything.. SPEED (my favorite), average and touhg.. but not in all levels... The Russians might be the best for varity but you are going to hate a few tanks to get to all that varity.
When you start with Tier one Light tanks you wont see much but other lgith tanks in battles. But as ytou move to tier 2 or 3, you will start seeing medium tanks in your battles too.. even Heavy (at the higher tiers).. the good news, by that time you should have some understanding of the game. your light tank can kill a medium, it wont be easy, but with some use of your speed (which... you cant depend on to much as eventally the medium tanks will be speedy too) and some carefull attacks. One hard lesson.. Heavy tanks are.. like shooting a charging elephant with a spit wad.. not a good idea. You will hear "it bounced off" or "we barely nicked them" alot.. Most good ehavy tankers wont even shoot at you if you are in with other tanks.. you cant hurt them, they will deal with those who can.

There is so much depth to this game, it at first seemed like an arcady tank simulation, and it is.. but not without lots of options. The balance they keep is great for the noob, and as your skill advances you will ahve to adapt too. Light tanks in battlefield with heavy tanks are .. SPOTTERS.. you dont shot, you spot enemies for other tanks.. This is where this game starts to shine.. There is Attilery, it can shoot across half the map, its problem is SLOW reloads, slow movment, no defence and they cant see any farhter than you.. so you have to spot for them. They get a top down view of the battlefield (in zoom mode) and can lay down fire with it.. If you can "see" a tank they can see it (if your radio range is good enough, reason to upgrade it). The game uses a interesting cover system. If your tank is totally inclosed in bushes.. and you are stopped for 6 seconds you are in "camo" mode.. unless a tank is 50 yards from you, its hard to see you. So if you use a Light tanks speed to get a good spot on the battlefield you can spot for your artilliery, and yes even tell your guys where the push is comming from.Again, they did a neat thing.. you get 50% of any kill you spotted for artillery. Also if you spot an enemy first in a game.. points to! so Scouting for light tanks is a great way to make points. All maps (i have played) have 2 bases, you win by sitting on the enemys base without being shot for so long ( more tanks the faster it goes) or eliminating all other enemy tanks. SO you can rush (early levels this almost alwasy means a loss) or you can defend and probe and let your artilliry thin them before a push (works most times).

Leveling is a bit strange but simple ( i think?) you play tier 1 light tank. at bottom of its tech tree (research) is Tier 1 light tank mark 2.. you research it after all other itmes on your tank ar done, and you can then buy it.. repeat said process and move up all the light tanks till you hit a medium.. and .. yes repeat.. BUT its not quite that easy.. you should smoke throuhg all the light tanks in 10-20 hours.. The mediums.. well lets say one radio upgrade can cost as much as 5 completly leveled light tanks did.. As you move up, the better stuff costs more and more. So the game does have a "grind" if you can call it that.. YOU can grind those research points in a lower tank (*i think?) I didnt find it grind as I liked some specific tanks and played them quite a bit to build exp.

Some cool stuff, picking a tank and hitting the BATTLE button, I seldom wait more then 10-15 seconds to join one. The battle will put you both on oppsite sides of the map, a 30 second timer will tick off and GO!.. This game is NON stop. you wont have a dull moment.. even if you die ( see below).

The game has flaws.. the same falws other MMO games have.. people! Stupid people can make it hard for a team to win.. the GUNG HO FPS crowd doesnt understand tactics very well and will rush to thier deaths in seconds.. (and the game has little to prevent this, you can have 5 tanks (more if you want) and once yours is destroyed, you can leave the battle (no penelty, you will get all credits for winning/lossing/spotting once its over) and start a new battle in another tank. The ONLY downside is tou cant play that tank untill that battle is over)) The 16 on 16 battles can get a bit hariy when 4-5 guys rush 16 on the other side and die quickly.. 10 to 16 is ugly and you will see it alot (on both winning and losing side). The good news.. even losing you will get some OK credits.

I highly suggest this game to anybody who wants a slower paced tactical action game with people.. The chat is miniumal.. the griefing is almost ZERO (it hurts the griefer). The biggest thing this game has going for it is the fact that some tactical SMART thinking will allow you to succed even with fools all around you.. Of course there are those matchs where it cant overcome a team of fools ( very few matchs )... and of course thre will be times when you KNOW you made a stupid move.

As for Free2Play.. it is.. Certian tanks can only be researched and bought with Gold.. but I seldom see any of them. You can convert GOLD (oh, you have to BUY gold with cash) to research points or credits (i think i called it experiance earlier). You can buy more garage spots to keep more tanks (you get 5, you can buy unlimited amounts I think). Basicly when new it appears "buying" your way to better tanks might hurt more then help.

As you can see, 2 weeks later iM still playing... so much I havent played Dead Island or Warhammer Space Marine at all.. I would guess it will fade like most hte f2p MMO game I try.. but its already held my interest at a high level for 2 weeks. somthing I cant say about many others.. and free... I really suggest giving it a try.

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