Gamestop Steals OnLive Coupons from Human Revolution

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Matt Barton
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I just can't quite believe it:

Game retailer Gamestop opened packaged copies of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" and removed coupons for a tie-in promotion with cloud gaming service OnLive. Gamestop employees confirmed removing the coupons from copies of the game, ...

I've never understood why anyone but ignoramuses would ever shop at Gamestop anyway, but GEEZ...I would say something like, "That's the last they'll see of me," but that pretty much happened the first time I saw Amazon.

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I'm not sure how they can do

I'm not sure how they can do it even. I guess if you are willing to accept an opened package. It all gets down to we have been taking what they give us so long it doesnt seem wrong anymore. Convenince . sacrafice all else for it. MS is king of os world, everything is on it, you cant get by without it.. but you can, easily. But people who dont understand will alwasy be the majority not the minority. We have accpeted DRM becuase its "good" for the company. Yet the problem isnt the people buying it, its thepeople who dont, tell me where the logic is there? The people who pay have to suffer it, and hte people who dont just keep breaking it anyways.. NAME one game that hasnt been cracked and played for free in some way. MMOPRG even have pirate servers.. so..

The more closed the system becomes the more you shove down peoples throats , the more they decide what we want, the more twe like it (right? we keep buying it). Its a pretty simple thing to quit buying it, but NOBODY but a handfull ever will, we all shout it, but nobody actually does it. I gotta admit I have took few stands myslef on this stuff. And to be perfectly honest the last one I remember was actually STEAM.. with Halflife2.. I installed it and removed it the same day when i saw STEAM.. I nevre played Half Life 2 untill I bought the VALVE everything pack on STEAM when i stared to feeel digital was the way to go.. and my machines speed wasnt sacraficed by a few tasks going. I'm still no fan of STEAM, but am a fan of the offers.. so (lowers head) i joined um.

I wont be joining Origin.. so I will miss out on MW and Star Wars (but as I Beta it.. eh.. im not sad) baby steps.

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