Some general thoughts on Game journalism.

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I was looking at some Reviews of PS3 titles, and the person who wrote the above story. She is considered a JRPG person and "champion" of RPGS. I read a review on a hack and Lash JRPG and it was quite harsh. SO i wondered, is she biased, mad or (oh know!) correct.. I read the comments after.. and most seemed tohtink the game was OK, but not 1 star. This got me thinking.. and reading her other stories. Which leads ot the one above.

I had heard this a bit in the last 2 weeks.. No big suprise. Some genuine dislike over there for US based stuff os 360 sales tanking (over in japan) is not real big news. and She does mention the SP3 being off and handheld gaming on the rise.

The comments after it are what got me. Not so much the story. So many about Japan hating US based companies so Screw um.. isnt that like they hate, so I hate um? Sutff about them not making good games anymore, etc.. One good comment was about the differneces between the two cultures. This is something hardware and game manufatures dont seem to uderstand. Much like the QUOTED stuff form Japanesse press confrence about working hard to get consoles etc.. They have a much different work ethic then us.. so in the US that looks like sombody saying "We can charge what we want and you will PAY!" not somthing we like to hear. But when in JAPAN where it was said, its ment differnetly (of course I cant put words in anybody's mouth) but its more like "you work hard and spend money wisly, we promise you will spend alot and get alot for this product".. Japan has never embraced the FPS.. and nobody anywhere can tell me that 75% of the games for the current console crop is not that... the US has never embraced Dateing sims.. both do well in thier respective countries. I guess Im just baffled by how people see all this and forget the past. I guess alot of the current gamers are not old enough to know the vidoe gameig past. To me its a bit like if its not made today and not HALO (no offence to halo) its no good.. I think of the last few truely original games.. there are not many. katamari is somthing new (well it was several years ago) the Dance games that are the craze... (and my most hated thing came from them QTE!!!).. the Hack slash action game GOD OF War type... all these where created in asia.. The FPS may be the only 100% american game sytle that is still "hot" nowdays.. I guess it all just looks so stupid .. and when i say that do I join them.. its amazing how little people know and how much they comment and rile up other people ( and yes I know I can be included in that statment).