Get Dragon's Lair in High Definition!

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Dragon's Lair HDDragon's Lair HDFor $60, you can pre-order your copy of the new High-Definition, 5.1 Digital Surround version of Digital Leisure's famous Dragon's Lair game. DL fans rejoice!

  • Relive the arcade experience with this remastered HD adventure.
  • Completely Arcade Authentic
  • Fully interactive gameplay digitally remastered from the original film
  • Restored original soundtrack, for the first time in 5.1 surround sound*
  • Stunning Classic Cel Animation from Don Bluth
  • Three Different Viewing Resolutions


Bill Loguidice
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I'll wait for a console

I'll wait for a console version for either the 360 or PS3. I understand it's "hi-def" on the PC, but it's just not the same as on a big screen. Of course on the big screen there's the possibility of it being a widescreen issue, but they can re-master for that as well.

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David Torre
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You said it Bill. There's no

You said it Bill. There's no point playing this cramped up in front of a PC. Put it on Xbox 360 if you have to! I also wonder about the aspect ratio issues. Apparently, this features a true widescreen version of the game and it looks like they had access to the original workprint or something because it looks like that the widescreen is cut differently from the 4:3 version of the game. In other words, you see objects and details in the widescreen version that you can't see in the 4:3 version. It's as if they had a large canvas and they just cut two different scenes out of it, similar to how the fullscreen and widescreen versions of Terminator 2 were cut using the large Super 35 film.

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