Games You've Pre-ordered and whether they were worth it

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I'm wondering how many of you have ever pre-ordered a game. If so, which one/s? When you got the game, do you feel that the pre-ordering process added to the thrill in any way? Finally, did the game turn out to be as good as you'd hoped?

The only game I've ever pre-ordered was Dragon Age Origins collector's edition. I liked the metal case and the map, but don't feel it was worth the extra cash. I also thought the game as a whole was only mediocre, at least by Bioware's own standards with Baldur's Gate and KOTOR. Still, I didn't feel like I got ripped off or anything, and waiting for the reviews wouldn't have done much to change my mind since they were mostly positive.

What about you?

I'm strongly tempted to pre-order Gears of War 3, Mass Effect 3, and Skyrim at the moment. If I had money to burn I'd definitely have these babies pre-ordered already.

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Have never pre-ordered a

Have never pre-ordered a game. I have pre-ordered a DVD though - the British Film Institute's re-release of Salo. I thought given the controversy around the film it would be hard to get. It has proved to be quite easy to get though - have seen it on the shelves in many high street shops.

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I never preordered

I never preordered a game. I once bought one of the GTA games on launch day......just walked right into gamestop and they had a couple for walkins. Even if they didn't, I would just wait till I can find one...or till I'm good and ready to get it.

It's never been an issue to me. I don't really see the reason for preordering.

Rowdy Rob
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"Dark Ages Man" Pre-orders Nothing!!!

I have very few experiences pre-ordering anything in my life. I think the only reason I would do it was if I felt like I had a personal connection with the product in question. In fact, one of my first experiences pre-ordering something was a computer game, and it was a negative experience. Let me tell you the story..... I can remember it like it was yesterday....... {cue fadeout.....}

Hey, we're back in my high school computer club during the early 1980's. The club had raised some money by selling "Micro-dogs" in the school halways, and we needed a new game to play on our club's TRS-80 computer. "Big Five Software" was THE hot developer for the TRS-80, and we were big fans of their classics, such as "Meteor Mission II," "Lunar Rescue," "Robot Attack," and all their other games that escape my memory at the moment.

I saw an ad for their upcoming game, "Stellar Escort." I said "Hey guys, Big Five has a new game coming out. Let's order it! After all, it's Big Five! How can we go wrong?" I convinced the club, and we ordered it.

Excitedly, we (well, me specifically) waited with baited breath for the game to arrive. When it did, we booted it up (on cassette, waiting for it to load added to the suspense and anticipation!). After playing it for a while, my friend Paul said, "I don't know if I like this game."

Bluntly, I remorsefully concurred, "it SUCKS!"

Not only did I get burned, but by spending our club's hard-earned funds, I felt that I had burned the club. Lesson learned.

There were no trinkets or benefits that came with pre-ordering, but I don't think that would have made a difference. If the game is disappointing, the "feelies" wouldn't have made us feel any better.

That's the risk of pre-ordering: the product might suck. Even with established developers/producers whose previous products you've enjoyed, it's at best an educated gamble. Of course, that's the case of much of life itself. But in the case of games, as much as I enjoy them, I don't have to be among the first to play them, so there's no incentive to pre-order unless I feel personally connected to the company or product somehow.

For the record, I think I did indeed preorder at least a couple of the AA-affiliated books, but again, the "personal connection" angle was in play, as well as pretty much zero risk that I would be disappointed (and I definitely wasn't at all, as it turned out).

And now, there are so many games to play (from several eras and platforms!) that "new" isn't so much "new" in my mind, but just one more game for me to take note of, if not play. In other words, it's very rare for me to get "pumped" for an upcoming game. The closest I've come in a long time to getting pumped was the release of the game "Duke Nukem Forever." And now we know how that one turned out. :-( I get more "pumped" to play a game after viewing a "Matt Chat" episode than I do watching a trailer for the upcoming "Skyrim"or whatever.

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Well I pre-order alot of

Well I pre-order alot of stuff. Recently alot of games have a $10 off for those that preorder, or ingame items, you know, ones you actually use while playing! Of course I must admit most dont matter much at all. Fallout haad the canteen (made almost no diffference to game play EXCEPT to ellimnate the trudge for water if you wheer out (and on HARDCORE that mattered).. so it didnt make you powerfull, just made the game more fun IMHO.
Then there are MMORPG's, I play in alot of beta's Iim currntly in one for probebly the most anticipated one (hint- star is in the name, sadly i cant see it being any more succesfull then the last bunch of MMORPG's.. HOt at release and once they actualy play it a bit they will leave. Nothing new here unforntatly) But the probelm with beta's is they are broke games that improve as you play.. and by the time they get good, they are close to release.. and I tend to want to play more.. so Preorders of MMORPG's generely mean head starts or early play (and in game items too.. a mount for free is worth a few bucks to me).

As for Pre-order becuase of the game .. FROM DUST is the last.. the guy who made Out of This World (another World for those not in US) a fantastic Amiga (and other paltforms) game.. It really looks like hte spirtual succesor to populous in the "right" way.. it looks great! I also pre- ordered EDF: Insect Armageddon for the 360, the first one was (and still is) my favorite 360 game.

I too got Duke ( but the $10 off was the reason) and also AvP a year ago.. and several others.. but they whre all bought simply as they where $10 off for preorder..

In all honesty MMORPG's are the only ones I still do.. I still love those games.. even if I only play um 1-6 months.. its like a 200 HOUR RPG to me.. new worlds to discover.. new things..

Bill Loguidice
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I pre-order occasionally, but

I pre-order occasionally, but only when I really want to remember to get a game and/or there's something about it I really want. I tend to only get collector's edition when they go on clearance on Amazon, like the recent Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Edition we both got, otherwise they're generally out of my comfort zone in terms of price (notable exception, that Halo 3 Legendary Edition with the helmet).

The last two games I pre-ordered I believe were Pac-Man/Galaga on the 3DS, Zelda on the 3DS, and oh yeah, the Duke Nukem Forever travesty. The only reason I pre-ordered DKF was because it was on OnLive and I figured if any version would be more bug free, it would be that version. Also, I got a second OnLive console thrown into the deal, which was the real point.

I also pre-ordered Skyrim for the map. I also pre-order systems. I currently have the Vita on pre-order, even though that doesn't come out until next year.

Shawn Delahunty
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Only 1 time

I only pre-ordered once, and that was an Indie studio. Basilisk Games had a pre-order for Eschalon Book:2 and I did it that way to get a physical-media DVD of the game in a plastic case. It didn't have any cloth maps or other "old school" CRPG goodies in it, but much of the soundtrack was on the DVD as a bonus.

Not sure I'd ever do it again unless the pre-order offered posters, metal key-fobs, etc. There just never seems to be a compelling reason to do so for a "big name" game. If it is an Indie studio though, and it looks like they need the cash to finish the game, I'd be more likely to consider it.



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