Gameroom on 360

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Missed opportunity for MS and us gamers

Yeah, just download either all or just some of the packs that you want. You get like 10 minutes of free play with each game, then you either pay a quarter per play like an arcade, or buy it outright. What was so promising though is disastrously implemented. The emulation is acceptable, but it really needs optimizations beyond straight up emulation. For instance, some games are very difficult for me to personally see, even on a 50" TV. The other issue is one of organization. It's very difficult to navigate and the concept of rooms and visiting friends' rooms is not intuitive in the slightest.

I think Microsoft realized it was a failure, but won't kill the project (nor should they), I just don't think they'll be supporting it with new games any more. Hopefully it's a lesson learned for a similar implementation on whatever the Xbox 360 2 is.

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the packs all include demo's

the packs all include demo's so to speak. So you can download them and see the game, if you want long term playing you ahve to buy them. Personally with Emulation the way it is I would just go that route (legal arguments not withstanding). I ran into to many wierd glitchs with the 360 arcade, strange colors and such that required a reset of the 360 to fix. And the prices are just to much IMHO. Several arcade game are in some COMBO discs ( not all by a long shot). I personally have had bad luck with it.. the glitchs I encountered stopped me from going farther then the demo with it.

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