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Well Im hating this SONY box

Well Im hating this SONY box more and more. I knew I should have returned it, but I held onto the belief i would get used to it and the added extras would sway me. I put a whole bunch of shows from "wherever" on a USB drive and put it in it.. the good, it played almost every format I threw at it... the bad.. some old shows encoded in the "golden days of video encoding" wont sync.. they play, but the sound gets off really bad. PC plays them fine the SONY media box does not. New stuff seems to work great though. Next neagtive, last night I went to watch some netflix, error 600 (which normally is a Netflix is down error) but my PC, 360/ps3 would all work.. restarting, power cycle, nothing fixed it... why one device would stream and another wouldnt I have no idea..

And last.. WTH was I thinking? spend $100 for a media player when i can get a PS3 or 360 for $100 more? I am so regreting this purchase. Wonder if I can unload it on ebay for a $50-60?

I think I am getting a 360 or PS3 for my streaming box in my bedroom, but I can decide which. Im still on the old Jet engine 360 and thats a real turn off.. but I understand the new 360's are very quite. My fat PS3 is dead silent, but Im not sure how the new SLIM's are for sound. A noisy store is no place to judge. Then it gets down to games.. I have alwasy prefered the ps controler (I know, minority on that) but i was leaning to a 360 again.. but dang I gotta play LIVE all over for Netflix :( and I just reupped my live on my livingroom 360. I have far more games for the 360, but the Ps3 has the ones I likethe most (Demons Souls, V Chronicls, Folklore, White Knight... ) but I can say the same for the 360.. EDF, Army Men, .. and all the corss platformers I bought for the 360... dang this is tough.. not having to play 2X for the net part is kinda big is its $50 a year..

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