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Raid Over the River for the Nintendo DS (Nibris, 2006)Raid Over the River for the Nintendo DS (Nibris, 2006)Though it looks like it makes unusual use of the bottom screen and may have a little too much detail in its visuals, fans of top-down console shooters going all the way back to Carol Shaw's legendary River Raid for the Atari 2600 VCS should keep an eye on Nibris's upcoming Nintendo DS game, Raid Over the River.

Here's the official press release from the Polish developer (note, the Nibris Website appears to be down at the moment):

Raid Over the River

Cracow, 13.06.06

Working title: Raid Over the River
Genre: Vertical shooter
Developer: Nibris
Platform: Nintendo DS.
Release date: 2007, first half

After information about the scenario of the game Raid Over the River NIBRIS reveals some further details of the game itself.

Raid Over the River offers six extensive campaigns taking place in different time dimensions: from ancient Greece, through Europe of WWII, Soviet Russia of the Cold War, present United States, to Germany of 2018 and Japan of unspecified future. In each of these campaigns we have a vehicle which fits the surroundings in which we are going to fight. In our quest we have a rich weaponry at hand – from core ammunition, sonic blasters to plasma cannons. Of course there are also going to be special attacks, such as help from the wingmen, intelligent missiles, particle blasters, gravity bombs, or laser attack from a satellite.

A kind of novelty is a system of dodges thanks to which our vehicle is going to be much more manoeuvrable than it was in other games of that type. It is not only going to be moving in one dimension but also rotation, nose-diving, barrel-rolls – all of these will allow us to control precisely what we want our vehicle to do, and save us from being shot down. by an enemy. Apart from that, nose-diving will be also useful during missions with precise bombings of ground objects. Additionally, each of the vehicles is going to be fitted with one special manoeuvre enabling it to dodge hostile fire or increase its fire-power.

The innovative system of special attacks will take advantage of a touch screen and microphone offered by DS and the convenient and intuitive controlling system will make the piloting very natural after a few moments of play. Of course, the configuration of the buttons will be under full control of the player and the voice commands will be the optional method for launching special attacks.

Planned modes of play:

Single Player:

-Story Mode
- Arcade
- Dogfight
- Survival


- Cooperative
- The Raid
- Raid over the Galaxy
- Special mode

Most important facts about the game:

* 6 campaigns, each with several missions, providing at least 10 hours of constant playing
* 6 different vehicles to be driven in 6 different time dimensions
* very extensive weaponry
* fuel and ammunition management requiring strategic approach to missions, defending transhipment bases
* cooperation and synchronisation of actions with other units
* extensive, full of action, multi-thread scenario putting the player in an intrigue spanning hundreds of dimensions
* cartoon comic interludes between missions presenting the story taking place in the game
* set of dodging and special attacks taking advantage of special features of NDS
* hidden missions, vehicles, bonuses enabled in the course of playing
* extensive multiplayer mode allowing to enjoy the game longer

The game is planned to be exclusively for the Nintendo DS console.


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Was River Raid the first vertically scrolling shooter?

I've been doing some online research to answer the question...Was 1982 when the vertical scrolling shooter made its first appearance? If so, Carol Shaw (the developer) deserves a lot more name recognition than she's earned!

Bill Loguidice
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First Vertical Scrolling Shooter and More River Raid

We'd have to look at what arcade and computer games may have preceded Carol's work (and of course there were other vertical shooters for the 2600 - like "Fantastic Voyage", translated from the film, also in 1982, and games like "Vanguard" with some vertical sequences, both arcade and VCS). She was definitely among the first prominent female game designers (perhaps the first on the console side) and certainly achieved a marvelous technical accomplishment, with the smooth scrolling and randomly generated terrain. It was of course ported over to many platforms with varying degrees of success by others (and achieved rare smooth scrolling on the ColecoVision!) and a sequel - also not by Carol - was quietly released by Activision in 1988 for the 2600.

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Sounds Interesting

First I'd heard of this one. From the looks of it and the writeup it appears like it could be a winner. The DS is certainly coming out with some decent games as of late; Metroid Prime Hunters is one I've stuck on for a couple weeks now since finishing Mario Kart. Dive Bombing on the DS will be fun, along with the plasma cannons and sonic blasters, especially coming from a sailing ship!!!


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