Matt Chat 110: Betrayal at Krondor

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Here's a venerable classic from the archives: Betrayal at Krondor! I was inspired to review this game after stumbling across Feist's novelization at the used books section of a local thrift shop. I played this one back in the day, but only because I received it free with the purchase of the sequel, Betrayal in Antara. I think both games are worth playing today, but decided to go with the earlier one since I'm also a fan of Feist. Enjoy! If you do decide to buy the game from GOG, please use my link so I'll get a kickback (no extra cost to you!). It's only $6 for both games with full manuals and no DRM, so there's really no excuse not to pick them up.

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Salty Pretzels
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Betrayal, return and what have you

I suppose you'll eventually will take a look on Batrayal in Antara (why not AT Antara?), but is there a possibility that you would review Return to Krondor? The little I played with RtK I felt like playing with some spiritual sequel to Quest for Glory and would be really interested on your opinion on it.

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I know i watched this when it

I know i watched this when it came out.. I dont hink i commented at the time as the GAME sorta pissed me off. I feel like i beat the game but you know im not 100% sure, and I am almost 100% sure i never beat the second one.. so that may be a good game i can SLOG through (thouhg it appears not many got to far in thier slogs). Some things i remeber.. I felt the AI was gunning for my "weak" characters ( it was).. but at this point in time most games used the much more standar 'if its close I kill it" method.. almost all rpg had the tanks in front and the weak casters behind.. so protectiong htem wasnt really an issue.. this game really introduced me to the "now standard" kill the weak healer. I'm sure other games did this.. but this game really hit it home and i sorta disliked the game for it. I may just revist it sometime in the future.

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