genisis Emu-help

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As I havent worked with any Emu's in at least 2+ years, I'm wondering if anybody can give me a little help. I'm setting one of for an Ex GF's little boy, he is 7 I beleive. I used the one I used ot use and emulates great, but the problem is it opens in a window and when you leave a game it closes. I want one that is EXTREMLY simple to use, opens in full screen and ESC will drop you back to a game select. So far 2 I have tried are just to complicated. Alt-enter to go full screen, and so on.. Simple is key here. I mapped a USB gamepad and set up a hot key (one of the spare buttons on the gamepad) to open the emu.. but there is just to much BS to get a game playing.. Any help with a simpleone that will save configs or something?