Nintendo 3DS Getting Massive Price Cut - Existing Owners Getting Free Games

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This has been widely reported, but here's the story on IGN. Essentially, the Nintendo 3DS will now retail for $169.99, and existing owners who paid the launch price of $249.99 will get 20 free virtual console games, which consists of 10 NES and 10 GameBoy Advance titles.

I'm glad they're taking care of their existing owners. Clearly Nintendo priced this not at a price point they had to, but at a price point they thought they could get away with. If they were able to back up the 3DS launch with positive buzz and great software (i.e., software that would excite the masses), they *might* have gotten away with the $250 price point (though I continue to argue the buzz remains with smartphones and tablets, not gaming handhelds), but really, it makes you wonder why this wasn't $199.99 to start with, let alone $179.99, particularly since they're making such a huge drop of $80 already. That's a major mea culpa, and certainly not indicative of business-as-usual for Nintendo, who classically really, really hates to admit that they're wrong about something. I've been talking about this frequently, but there have certainly been some unusual goings-on at Nintendo HQ, from the lack of new titles for their existing platforms to a somewhat unusual presentation of their upcoming Wii U console. Perhaps this will be the first of several steps that Nintendo needs to regain momentum.


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davyK wrote:

I find Google's acquisition of Motorola a significant development in this area. I may be wrong but there are more Android installations worldwide than iPhones - if google can now create a standard platform without fear of lawsuits (they are acquring thousands of patents as a result of this acquisition) then they could be a very significant player.

I wish I had time to do a blog post on this. The acquisition could mean any number of good or bad things for the platform and/or fans of the platform. It will be very interesting how Google handles it.


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