Top Five Reasons Why You Should Care About Armchair Arcade

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Hi, folks. I thought that today, in the spirit of the "top" lists that are so ubiquitous these days, I'd offer you a list of five reasons why you should care about Armchair Arcade. Many of you may not even know what it is or how it got started, but even those of us who've been around since the early days might like a little refresher and a personal view. So, here goes.

Reason #5: Founded in 2003. That's right, folks, Armchair Arcade has been around for eight years. Actually, its birthday is in September. There's not many non-commercial websites that can make that claim, especially not many dedicated to vintage games and computers. You should feel comfortable making this your home base, because you can rest assured we are here to stay. You can read our about us page or our FAQ to learn more.

Reason #4: Respected by the pros. When we were named one of PC Magazine's Top 100 websites back in 2005, the editors argued that we had a great combination of games and original content about games. You can still play the games, but what really made an impression were our many feature articles. We started off as an online magazine, gradually evolving into a blog format. Many of our articles were featured on Slashdot, Boing Boing, Slate, and countless other prominent blogs and sites. Three of the editors--Bill, Christina, and me--have authored or co-authored books (see on the left) and plan to write many more. In short, we've proven that we have the knowledge and skills to impress the pros--and hopefully, you, too!

Reason #3: Intelligent, fun-loving community. I've lost track of the times one of our members has said that they prefer this site because they know they can expect intelligent, informed discussion. If you patronize other forums, you know how bad the alternatives can be--offensive, annoying, and, well, ignorant. I'd like to think that if we were a bar, we'd be a fun little pub with darts, pool, arcade machines (of course!), and a hundred microbrews and imports on tap--not some loud dance club with body shots. This is the kind of place where guys and gals like YOU can hang out and have a good time. You could sit down at a table with any of them and talk about everything from your high score at GORF, Dragonlance, or why the Jaguar is your favorite console.

Reason #2: Not just articles!. Text will always be our default, go-to format, but we've expanded into video. I've had lots of luck with my Matt Chat show, which evolved from a humble v-blog into a full-fledged program with interviews and retrospectives. It's one thing to read Masters of Doom--quite another thing to watch John Romero and hear him tell the story himself. Mark Vasier is also a big-time YouTuber and very active in the community. If you like making or just watching videos, Armchair Arcade is a great place to be.

Reason #1: Non-commercial, non-biased. One thing you'll always notice here is that we don't "pimp" any particular brand or product. Although we all have our favorite platforms (mine is the Commodore Amiga, of course!), we also like talking and learning about all platforms, no matter how obscure. Indeed, the more obscure the better! We aren't funded or sponsored by any corporations or publishers, so you don't have to worry about biased reviews, either.

I hope I've given you some reasons to care about this site and participate! Remember, we count on folks like you to keep the forums and blogs popping, so never be hesitant about posting your thoughts or questions. Try not to be one of those people who just read and never contribute. You wouldn't just sit there in the pub with a buttoned lip as your mates wax on about their favorite vintage games, now would you? Of course not!

I think I'll end this with some questions for you. What do you think makes this site special, and what would you like to see more (or less!) of here at Armchair Arcade. What can we do to make the site more enjoyable or useful for you? Don't be afraid about offending us; we're always open to honest criticism. Thanks!


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I totally agree and enjoyed

I totally agree and enjoyed reading the list!
I especially liked the analogy in reason 3. That or this is the kind of place I like to hang out at.
Keep up the great work.

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hey - you lost me at "Jaguar"

hey - you lost me at "Jaguar" , Matt!


Mark Vergeer
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Hear hear!

Well said Matt.

Joined: 01/21/2009
I'm here for the beer... err

I'm here for the beer... err Im here becuase even if im annoying/onery/dont agree, nobody seems to get all "hurt" about it. And even when I dont agree I dont feel like the argument I dont agree with is silly, most of them are simply different opinions, and so far almost all well thought out opinions. I know most are pretty fair here, but I do have bias, I try to make it clear so I know mopst will understand my opinions are biased, if not (sometimes) worht htinking about.

And I like the info, while I dont have the love I once did for the old systems most here do, I still love hearing about them, discussing them, relieving the good times with them, even if its purely in some video or text.

Matt chat is great when I have some idea who he is talking too or even when he looks at an old game I once loved.
Bill always seems to have have some insight or news about the current hardware i can complain or agree about :)
Marks love of old systems come throuhg loud and clear in his videos which I like to watch.

and those I didnt mention, dont take it wrong.. I look at everybodies stuff.. and so far like it or feel like it was worth reading all the time.

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I love this site because ...

Matt Barton's grammar is impeccable.

I mean, the guy actually knows how to use a semicolon.

I just discovered this site less than a year ago and, though I rarely post, I love to read everything on here.

I'm in my mid-thirties and at this point in my life none of my friends/family give the slightest damn about anything computer or video game related. I thought I was the last guy on earth to actually have a room full of old WORKING consoles and a Commodore 64 that still gets regular use, but thanks to this website I not only know that I'm not the only crazy bastard out there, but there are actually crazier people out there than me (Mark Vasier, for example).


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