Best way to record Amiga footage? - (Amiga Files)

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Mark Vergeer
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In this video I am testing out the setup I want to be using to record my Amiga 500/1200HD footage that I can use for talk and play, reviews and what have you.

I was using a 15fps Logitech Webcam, a 25fps Dazzle USB SD video grabber and a 30fps HD Panasonic camera so the first thing I did was to convert all the files to the same fps - in this case 25fps as this was the native (half frame rate) of the Amiga footage. Otherwise my video editing software would throw all sorts of errors and have syncing issues.

I think the result turned out rather nicely although I MUST, I really must invest in a nice USB microphone. Preferably somewhat of a professional standard with a not so professional price. So if anybody has some hints/tips or suggestions? I am game.

I'll be back later with more Amiga videos no doubt, to add to the Amiga Files.