Japan Arcades Part 2

I have had more time to play games in Japanese arcades and have run across a few more interesting titles.

Tetris Plus 2: This is a fun Japanese only spin-off of Tetris. In the Puzzle Mode, you get to control either a Professor or her Apprentice through Tetris levels with a bit of a twist: you have to make the Tetris board completely empty in the time limit. Your cartoon avatar runs arounds the blocks as you make lines and a spiked wall tries to crush you as the time limit goes down-- the higher your blocks are, the more your avatar wants to climb to the top to get killed! It is a fun take on Tetris.

House of the Dead 4: Not sure if this one is out in the US yet... This gun game is much US yet... This gun game is much harder than previous games in the series. A fun gameplay mechanic is added when zombies get too close-- you have to physically shake the gun to knock the zombies off. Boss fights are a bit more varied too. Well worth your time if you enjoy blasting zombies to bits. The graphics are quite impressive.


Mark Vergeer
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Mat, it's very nice that you keep us posted on your adventures in Japan.
So any other games that we are missing out on here in the west? Have you been able to take a look at Virtua Fighter 5 yet?

-= Mark Vergeer - Armchair Arcade editor =-


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