My top 5 Atari 2600 games (ad-hoc flics)

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Mark Vergeer
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Of course forever changing but today it's this list.

MarlinLee's video:

RedH0plite's video:

Intellivisiondude's video:

2600 Atari Top Five Vcs Marlinlee Intellivisiondude RedH0plite

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Cool list, was just

Cool list, was just complainging about my lack of love for the old 2600 games.. but watching the video has rekindled some of the flame I must say.. I realy loved Yars Revenge, the story about how it was made is pretty good too. I would have Stampede, Venture (maybe as its one of my all time Arcade favorites), and Stellar Trak (sue me, its one of the best stratgy games on the 2600!) on my list.. Not many 1st party ataris stuff would make mine.. activison and Imagic did some awsome stuff for that old 2600.

Bezerk is a 10 ten Arcade game for me.. and Frenzy too.. I think the Coleco version of both where excellent, in fact Im pretty sure they where played more than any other Coleco games on mine.

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Your top5 are pretty close to

Your top5 are pretty close to mine. With you on Yars Revenge for honorable mention, Kaboom, Berzerk and Ms. Pacman. For me I'd add in Megamania and Combat.

Back in the day Asteroids was my all time favourite but time hasn't been kind to that title. Centipede and Asteroids on the 7800 are a better proposition now.

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