Matt Chat 107: The Sensible Side of Jon Hare

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I'm back this week with the third segment of my interview with Jon Hare. In this section, we finally get into the meat of Sensible's catalog, with Jon describing the creation process behind Parallax, Wizball, Sensible Soccer, Wizkid, and SEUCK. Jon's never played Smurf Hunt! Some great stuff here for any fan of the good ol' days when the Amiga reigned supreme.

Download the MP4.


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its awsome to hear about the

its awsome to hear about the old amiga stuff, even if they seem to be a bit more C-64 centric. Another guy i wish I had time to talk to myslef, nmot only about games, just everything seems to be very "normal' if thats the correct word. once again some great stuff Matt.

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