F2Play can it last?

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With more and more announcements of Free 2 Play MMORPG's, can this trend last and make money. I know games like LOTRO, AD&DOnline, CHAMPIONS, and the built with F2P in mind games are suposedly all succeding. I wonder how well? I know LOTRO and AD&DO (both made by same company) are rolling out expansion packs and such.. so there must be some income. They have both stated they are doing better now than with subscriptions at the end. I just have to wonder with all the Sub ones going F2P soon.. will the glut be the same as the Subscription glut? AOC, COH, STonline(rumours) etc.. all soon in the F2P market.. Even SONY which while no Powerhouse like WoW has a fair stale of subscription based games has lowered its "everything" pack from $30 to $20... thats a pretty "OK" price for EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, SWG, PIrates of the Burning Sea and several other games...
Free 2 Play used to mean a sub par game, but not anymore, while not quite as polished as WoW, its F2P clones are close... Runes of Magic, Alods, both play close to he WoW style, Alods almost captures the Cartoon look better then Blizard does (IMHO) and is probelby the best overall looking F2P game out there. They all have flaws, and the money grab to help you level can be a bit hard to swallow.. but after all that is why its a buisness. ALL CAN BE played without any cash, but almost all of them will grind your sould into dust with slow leveling if you dont put some cash out.
just like the Market couldnt sustain 10+ subscription basd MMORPG's games.. can it sustain 20-40 F2P? From all the reading it seems that people buy more stuff in the F2P games then the reg subscription would have cost them. Im sure ther is some average number here.. 100,000 players, 70,000 never spend a dime. Do those 30,000 spend so much they make up for all the others? I do (personally) know a couple people who spend tons on this type of stuff in game. I myslef bought he Celestrial steed in WOW .... debate the merits or not, its the only purchase I have made....err I bought the Runekeeper class in LOTRO.. ok the only 2 things I have bouhgt in ... dang.. I bouhgt BAGS in Perfect world... NO really i think thats it.. so about $50 total... all increased my game time fun IMHO.
I'm just wondering if ther is enough people to sustain these F2P games, more and more are comming all the time. I recentlly tried Forsaken World and enjoy it some.

I think my main concern is people like me.. I dont spend, i have played 20+ F2P, and spent a few buck on a couple that made LEVELING very hard without spending money. This didnt bother me alot, but it was diffently filed in the back of mind as "BAD". The Class I bought was awfull (the neagtive of buying something without research, my won fualt) the BAGs... never got used, I played Perffect world a few weeks at most. The Horse in WOW, its still there, and still used ....if i ever play.. in the last 9 months I have a febel 2 hour session in. I hate to say it after 5-7 years but the game I always had somethign to do it has finally alineated me enough I just cant go back. Actually game didnt, the people playing it did. All these F2P games grab people for a few months then... there is anotehr for me to try. Who is paying to keep these alive? Is your E-penis in a game worth money?

I love the F2P idea, as some of the games are actually VERY good, I hate the level fast to 10-20 then slow me to a snails pace to "force" me to pay to level faster... So i never stick around, but sombody is... Will ther be a glut of these games soon and they will suffer the same as subscriber? Will only the best last? I really wonder where its all going, and if quite possilby my favorite style of game will die out to just a few?

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I plan to try out the new one

I plan to try out the new one when it finally comes out. Never tried swg.

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SWG- RIP December 2011 With

SWG- RIP December 2011 With the new Bioware Star Wars Online game comming SONY is shutting the doors on SWGalaxies in December of this year. While it was somewhat succesfull at the start the fact that there where so few Jedi (and we all want to be a jedi) it hink it turned a few people off. I know I enjoyed it for a bit but they had a bad habit of changing powers and such after you had used them for months/years... and tottaly breaking your class. then a few years in they 100% changed all powers (combat) and alienated about 50% of the user base and never recovered. it was no great game, but it had some fun wrapped in the gameplay.

RIP at least it died becuase it had a succesor, not becuase it was hemorageing cash.

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