23" touch screen $330?

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I find this amazingly cheap for that big a touchscreen. maybe Im missing some spec that makes it bad, but that price is pretty low for that size a touchscreen. Flat panel, this would make an awsome touchscreen remote for a jukebox, media center, what not.. hang it on wall like a picture by the couch for your media center. I was just amazed at the price.

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Well, here's the thing, you

Well, here's the thing, you can get that touchscreen with all the computer stuff in it for $699, so I don't think it's out-of-line that just the monitor would be $330. My wife has the Inspiron One 2305 Touch, which I believe is the same screen, and we got that sucker loaded about six months back for about $1200 shipped. I've not found the touchscreen on any of these all-in-ones to be all that responsiveness (I have an older HP TouchSmart myself), but then that's probably due in part to the limitations of Windows 7. It sounds like Windows 8 will be designed with these types of screens in mind.


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