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I have been and always shall be...your kickass grandpa.I have been and always shall be...your kickass grandpa.Shazam! There's lots of cool stories in the queue this morning. First off, there's a stun-glove that lets sheriffs punch perps with the added benefit of 300,000 volts. It even has a flashlight and video camera built in for instant replays. In the words of a certain movie, "It's so bad."

But wait...that's not all! There's also this cool Jetpack for those still hankering to free their own inner Willy.

Seriously, watch this video and tell me you don't want one of these like ten years ago:

I do want to know, though: If you had the chance, would you have the guts to take one of these up?

Speaking of guts, man, this last story got to me: Japan pensioners volunteer to tackle nuclear crisis. The idea is that they're old and will die soon anyway, so better for them to be exposed to the radiation than their younger colleagues. Pragmatic, perhaps, but still quite noble. I love it when people foolishly thought to be worthless are suddenly recognized for the valuable people they are. I've heard, too, that the Japanese treat their elderly with a lot more respect than Westerners (at least Americans) tend to do. If you have any thoughts on this, please share them.

Anyway, that's it for today. Enjoy.


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I think its amazingly noble

I think its amazingly noble of the older people in japan, and ... if the help is accepted, incredibily sad for the rest of Japan. How do you judge the value of a life, even if its a short one? But its the age old debate, something that could never be solved in discussions. Amazing what a truely exceptional person is willing to do, even in the face of a early death. I would like ot think i would do the same, but deep down inside I'm not sure i could, even with a few years left in my life. Thre is the TRUE difference between the older generation and the younger one... WHAT do I GET is all people 50 years and younger ask, and the older ones all say what can I do to help.

The world just amazes me... the top 30 stories on CNN right now... only 5 are about real news.. Shack retiring, some senentors Tweet is hacked, Snookie, we are so sad..... Heck the crisis in japan doesnt even have a story going now.....

That cool stun glove was in last months Pop Mechanics (or pop Science (yes i get both)) very cool but I doubt it wlll ever make it into real use.

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